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Cobots on display as flexible production assistants at the Trinity RECOPRODAS Open Day

15 November 2022
Jan Kempeneers

Malmar rounds-off the RECOPRODAS demonstrator with an open day at its production site in Lithuania. A proof-of-concept was set up on the RECOPRODAS demonstrator of a mobile deployable cobot unit suitable for operating a manual wire tapping installation, a nut projection welding machine and a bending machine.

Malmar wishes to create a more human-centred work environment by giving the operators tools that can relieve them of tedious repetitive tasks and give them more ownership over the work cell in which they operate. Specific automation, or a fixed cobot for each machine, is not desirable given the job-shop environment with its characteristic high-mix-low-volume production orders and the many different production processes involved.

The Trinity-project, which focuses on digital technologies and advanced robotics for agile production and supports demonstrators in this domain, gave Malmar the ideal means to realize its idea of a mobile and reconfigurable cobot cell in an initial prototype. The RECOPRODAS demonstrator - which stands for a REconfigurable Cobotic PRODuction Assistant - was made possible thanks to this project.

More information about Malmar's activities and objectives can be found in an earlier blog article here. The realization of the concept is tested and demonstrated in the Sirris lab in Diepenbeek.

The event on November 24 will showcase the project results in Malmar’s production environment in Lithuania. Local companies and educational institutions will be informed about the realization and the potential of the REconfigurable Cobotic PRODuction Assistant. Malmar also aims to use this event to lower the threshold for other interested parties to experiment with flexible automation solutions themselves.





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