Circular economy

Cesar tool helps manufacturing companies see the wood for the circular trees

08 September 2020
Thomas Vandenhaute
Today, circular economy is omnipresent. For manufacturing companies, this overwhelming offer is often still lacking focus. A new tool helps these companies to make meaningful and feasible choices in the short term. This by making acquired knowledge, insights and tried-and-tested methods widely accessible.

Never before has there been so much talk about the circular economy as now. Governments at a European, national, regional and local level are turning this into a key priority. Knowledge centres, federations and interest groups are increasingly setting up services around this. For manufacturing companies in the technological sector, this growing supply is good news, but possibly also somewhat paralysing. The questions, needs, expectations and objectives of manufacturing companies, particularly SMEs, are extremely diverse. With the Cesar tool, we want to arm these companies to make choices that are meaningful and achievable in the short term.


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Why use this tool? 

When setting up and developing activities aimed at circular entrepreneurship in your company, a lot of questions and uncertainties inherently arise. Many of these questions have already been asked, researched or solved by other companies. Because nobody wants to reinvent the wheel, we want to use this tool to make the acquired knowledge, insights and tried-and-tested methods widely accessible. You will receive answers and advice for solutions to questions, such as:    

  • What are the opportunities for my company? 
  • Should I start working on my own first, or do I start a collaboration right away?
  • Which strategies are best worth exploring for my company and product?          
  • Are new or adapted earning models currently worth exploring?
  • Is focusing on recyclable materials and secondary raw materials my next action?

Of course, not all solutions from other companies are suitable for your specific products, customers, company structure, ... That is why there is a need for a common language with which you can explore tailor-made solutions together with colleagues, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. For this reason, we also provide a lot of text and explanations under the form of tips, definitions and diagrams to help you do this.       

For whom is the tool useful?

The Cesar tool is intended for all organisations that have an impact on a physical product: manufacturing companies, but also product designers, service providers in product maintenance and repair, dismantling and recycling. Although not all organisations may find ready-made answers, everyone can certainly discover levers and opportunities that lead to further steps towards a more circular economy.

Companies that want to explore circular economy as well as companies that have already taken many steps will receive tips & tricks tailored to their needs.      

Will all your questions be solved?

Unfortunately, we know that the answer to a first question often raises another question. The good news is that you will discover, step by step, the most relevant question for your specific situation. Based on this tool, you will probably be able to work out as many solutions as possible yourself or to surround yourself with suitable partners with whom you can make progress together. 

Sometimes it is also just nice to make fast and targeted progress. Therefore,  we can also examine with you what further support is useful for your company to take the next step towards a circular economy. 

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With the support of Vlaio via the AFVALorisation project and in collaboration with Agoria and OVAM. 



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