Belparts, innovative in climatization... and itself

01 August 2017
Bart Verlinden

From independent distributor of building climatization parts to developer of own innovative solutions with a refreshing approach to production, quality control, logistics and sales. A drastic, successful turnaround together with Sirris.

The innovation story of Belparts, with its head office in Flemish Brabant's Rotselaar, gained momentum thanks to the development of Dynamic Flow Networking (DFN). This new concept for HVAC allows administrators of large buildings to gain a better grip on the comfort level and energy consumption of buildings and to take specific action in case of deviations. All field components developed by Belparts fit this renewed concept.

Transformation together with Sirris

During the transformation process from distributor to producer of innovative solutions, Belparts worked together intensively with Sirris for both the product, production system and support processes. In the development of the DFN products, Belparts called on Sirris to perform a Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA). The analysis allows the Belpart experts to assess what could go wrong when their products are used and how adjustments to the product design can fix this. Additionally, the optimum structure of the product was studied thoroughly. Thanks to Sirris' extensive expertise of technological innovation, it was able to provide support to Belparts with respect to various process aspects: setting up production, developing smart production methods, optimizing internal logistics, designing test procedures, etc. 

Tested and approved

As control valves should not leak in the use phase, Belparts decided to expand its testing facility and make it uniform so multiple types of valves with different dimensions can be tested functionally. For a test bench for endurance tests, the company worked on a complete mechanical concept together with Sirris.

The power of demos

As an innovator, Belparts is active in a conservative industry: construction. This requires continuous efforts in terms of awareness and marketing. The company has to convince new clients of its value, that of its products and of its work methods. In order to attract and convince new clients at fairs, events and their own homes, Belparts developed a demo stand together with Sirris that is used to easily and understandably demonstrate how the DFN product family works. The stand has a modular set-up and visually and interactively displays the effect of using the products compared to classical control systems. 

Seamless production and logistics

The increase in the amount of product variants and production volumes meant that the current work methods were reaching their limits. In order to continue guaranteeing fast and efficient production and delivery, Belparts revisited its internal logistics process and production flow with the support of Sirris. The ideal production flow was planned out, the work stations completely detailed and optimum logistics for resupplying the work stations was determined. In the meantime, Belparts was able to begin implementing the results of this cooperation.

It is no surprise that Belparts grew into a well-known, international player for the production and development of HVAC components over the years. The company can truly call itself a pioneer in multiple ways. The sustainable cooperation that formed with Sirris in doing so could only be beneficial to this evolution.

(Source picture: Belparts)


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