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Alpinter arranges quality testing of aluminium alloy for tents

Hilde Krikor
Kurt Beghyn

Based in Ronse, Alpinter has been active for more than 30 years as a designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of tents and other humanitarian aid supplies. Alpinter’s customers include national and international NGOs, UN organisations and government entities worldwide.

The tents must meet strict quality standards, and are subjected to regular intensive tests to guarantee they can withstand the harsh conditions encountered in humanitarian deployments. A minimum strength of aluminium is essential for the integrity and longevity of the tent structure.

Alpinter wanted to test the strength of the aluminium frame and the type of aluminium alloy coming from a new material supplier. Centexbel recommended to contact the Sirris materials testing lab in Zwijnaarde to analyse the characteristics of the aluminium alloy.



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Quality testing procedure

Experts at the quality testing lab tested the tensile strength of the tubular aluminium framework structure of the new tent concept, based on samples supplied by Alpinter. The samples measured between 24 m² and 72 m².  The tensile strength tests determined whether the aluminium had been subjected to the correct thermal treatment and whether the material met the agreed specifications.

The project was completed in only five days. The analysis made it possible to validate the tensile strength of the material. Thanks to these intensive and ongoing testing efforts Alpinter guarantees that the performance of its products meets and exceeds customer requirements.


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