Accredited welding tests for TechnoCampus

18 June 2021
Hilde Krikor

TechnoCampus is the main training centre for future professionals in Hainaut and Namur provinces. The training centre is aiming at becoming the point of reference for all training courses and awareness-raising activities for the technical professions. It offers a wide range of training options: industrial technologies, maintenance, security, energy and environment, automation, management and organisation, production technology, measurements and inspections, design, assembly, etc. The courses are modular in terms of duration, content, location and resources, to ensure these are adapted to real-world industrial requirements. Specific departments within the centre provide the training courses in industrial maintenance and assembly, including welding, boiler construction and plumbing.

HDPE welding inspection

TechnoCampus has been asking Sirris to certify high-density polyethylene (HDPE) welders for many years. Sirris assesses the quality of the polyethylene welds as required to achieve accreditation to weld gas pipes. Every welder must have completed the training course and must hold a valid welding permit, for which they are required to pass an annual exam. The assessment of the welds and the process to produce them contributes towards error prevention.


Training centres such as TechnoCampus organise this course on a yearly basis and entrust the welded connections made to an independent, BELAC-accredited laboratory, such as the Sirris testing labs. The welds are subjected to a number of tests. Every year, approximately 1,600 tests on about 400 welded parts are carried out at the Sirris testing lab in Seraing.

Having worked together for several years, TechnoCampus knows well that this lab attaches great importance to responsiveness, professionalism and quality.



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