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Define the Generative AI game field in your company

Generative AI (GenAI) models are revolutionising businesses by creating new content from text, images, audio, video- and software code. These AI systems reduce costs and simplify product and service enhancement, previously reliant on significant human effort. The rapid adoption of GenAI highlights its potential to disrupt and commoditise industries. Although advancements in AI were anticipated, the exponential evolution of the models and rapid adoption of its integration into daily routines is remarkable. This evolution unlocks new business opportunities while addressing privacy and technological challenges, showcasing the transformative impact of GenAI on efficiency and innovation.  



At Sirris, we have identified 8 key focus areas, divided into 3 categories, to guide your company in leveraging Gen AI. 

Embracing AI is essential for every business. Our structured approach helps you to identify and capitalise on AI opportunities, understand potential show stoppers, and gain insights into critical crossroads. Use our comprehensive framework to define the game field for Gen AI in your company. 

We have selected these 8 key focus areas as the most important ones to start building a solid foundation for the GenAI game field in your organisation. However, additional areas could also be relevant to your business.



Define your GenAI gamefield


Generative AI (GenAI) will  revolutionise the way businesses operate, by making advanced AI technologies more accessible and enabling transformative customer experiences and self-learning  applications. Let's delve into the specific opportunities GenAI can bring to your company.


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While AI offers numerous opportunities, it is essential to recognize the challenges that you, as a business, must navigate. There are two significant constraints to consider.


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GenAI presents several ambiguous situations or "crossroads", where the implications of GenAI are not entirely clear yet. These require careful navigation and strategic planning.


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