Metal product development

Metal product development

Planning to launch a new metal product or develop an existing one further? Our experts answer all your questions or guide you through the entire product development process, from design to testing and implementation. Together, we can work towards the best possible result. Our team is available to perform damage analysis on existing metal products too. We find the root cause of the issue and work out how to prevent it in future. 

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Working together on metal product

Working together for a faster and better innovation process

We concert our efforts to clamp down on premature wear and corrosion. We help you take informed decisions on alloys, machining and coatings. We also conduct research into whether new generations of metal alloys would be beneficial for your company. We provide support in a number of fields. Our goal is to speed up and improve product development processes. 

Metal product development

An answer to every question and challenge

Whether you work at a large or small organisation, whether your products are complex or simple, whether you prefer radical or incremental innovation, whether you are active in a niche industry, our multidisciplinary experts are here to help. We start with an extensive needs analysis meeting, then we draw up a specific proposal to work together, with no obligation.

Three key factors when developing quality products

We guarantee objective advice in comprehensible language, for every step of the development process. Whether you are at the starting point of the development process or in the prototype phase or have even already launched a product.

Material selection, processing and characterisation

Find out how to select the right materials, processing and coatings for any industrial application (cutting equipment, gears, compressors, etc.) and for any type of workspace, such as corrosive or food safety environments.

Just a few examples of what we offer: heat treatment, metal 3D printing, laser technology, quality control, residual stress measurement, characterisation and accelerated corrosion testing.

Product development coaching

Validate your design so you can develop a reliable and efficient product, independent of whether you pour, mill or 3D print it. We include information on standards and legislation during the process.

Just a few examples of what we offer: design requirements for printing equipment, determining the hardness and strength a part requires and how to prevent metal fatigue.

Corrosion prevention and management

Prevent or fight corrosion via efficient monitoring and inspection. We help you implement sensor technology, analyse data and set up a cost-saving monitoring strategy.

Just a few examples of what we offer: advice on design decisions (design, materials, coating, etc.) and strategic corrosion management for various industries, including the chemical and food sectors.

Metal damage analysis

First aid for damage analysis

We help you understand why certain metal products corrode. You might not be using the products the right way, there could be an error in the product design, or the materials may be of inferior quality. Together, we search for the cause of the corrosion, on site and at our corrosion field lab. 

Bart Teerlinck

Planning to develop or already developing new metal products?

Bart Teerlinck, our metals programme manager is here to provide information and practical help.
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