Corrosion management

At least 30% of cases of corrosion could have been prevented. A smart corrosion strategy can therefore save you a lot of money, especially if you start applying it at the development phase. Not sure how to approach this? Sirris will be by your side as you implement prevention, monitoring and follow-up processes. You can also count on Sirris for damage analysis.

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Building a strong competitive position

All too often, corrosion is only discussed in the final phase of production development. As a result, there is usually no time or budget for an informed solution. This leads to a higher risk of early failures, a negative environmental impact and damage to your reputation. Corrosion management is essential, not only for asset management, but also to keep your competitive position squeaky clean.

Corrosion test

Corrosion: closer than you think

The industries most sensitive to corrosion are probably the maritime and offshore, water treatment, aviation and process sectors. But corrosion also has an effect on much smaller components, for example, machine parts, cutting equipment and gears. Just about every industrial company will need to address corrosion at one time or another. Our door is wide open to everyone   – whether you’re developing new products or encountering corrosion in your production environment.

How sirris can help

As an all-round innovation partner, we look for solutions to your well-defined and rusty questions.

Selecting materials

Not sure which material or coating to use? Do you want to know more about the life cycle of your products? Want to look into new options? We can provide objective advice, based on years of research into the impact of various environments on metals.

Detection and monitoring

We help you detect, monitor and follow up on corrosion, according to on-site measurements. For example, offshore assets or corrosion under insulation (CUI), where sensor technology is used to optimise inspections based on data analysis.

Damage analysis

When corrosion is an issue, you need to find its root cause as soon as possible, so you can limit the damage and ensure new applications are corrosion-free. Sirris will be by your side as you accurately analyse every case and draw the right conclusions.

Simulation of real-world conditions

All industrial stakeholders can contact our Coating Lab  and CorrosieLABS , two field labs researching corrosion issues. They test both internal and external factors, as well as performing accelerated corrosion tests when possible.

Want to find out more about corrosion in the offshore energy sector?

Our experts provide all the information you need to know in this online webinar

Jeroen Tacq

Want to prevent or stop corrosion?

Jeroen Tacq, Senior Engineer in our metals programme, is here to discuss your challenges. 

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