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Computer vision

Ever wondered about the possibilities of computer vision for your product, machine or process? The improving capabilities of image sensors, vision algorithms and hardware accelerators make computer vision an accurate and fast solution for an ever-widening range of applications. Interested in building in-house computer vision expertise? Take the right steps towards a computer vision concept for your case.
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Computer vision with semantic segmentation of road and street ojects

Make your product or process smarter

Visible light, infrared and hyperspectral cameras, combined with carefully engineered scene illumination, state-of-the-art vision algorithms and domain-specific hardware enable products and machines to interpret and understand their environment in real time. Team up with Sirris and gain access to up-to-date expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate the opportunities that computer vision can offer to make your product or process smarter.

Computer vision with object detection of business people walking in city area

Build your in-house computer vision expertise

Explore the feasibility of a computer vision solution for your case, and acquire in-house computer vision expertise in the process. Our experts will share their findings and expertise with the project team at your company, giving you the required in-house knowledge to further develop your own computer vision solution and avoid vendor lock-in.

How Sirris can help

Computer vision feasibility & concept study

Developing a computer vision solution requires expertise in a broad range of technologies (image sensors, scene illumination, image capturing and processing, machine learning...) Benefit from Sirris’ specialist knowledge and infrastructure to advise you on the technical feasibility and design a solution concept. From PC-based analysis of images to proof-of-concept.

Frank Van den Broek

Thinking about computer vision for a smart product or process?

Our expert, Frank Van den Broek, will gladly discuss the options to put your ideas into practice.

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