Additive Manufacturing

3D technology is making a massive breakthrough, as reflected by intelligent applications, mainly in the aerospace sector and manufacturing industry. Accordingly, 3D printing or 'additive manufacturing' (AM) offers a host of advantages, including the efficient use of raw materials and almost unlimited design possibilities. Sirris is one of Europe's leading AM R&D centres. With over 25 years of experience and the very latest equipment, we can help you choose the technology you need.  

Your partner for every type of Additive Manufacturing challenge

How can Sirris support your AM ambitions?

  • With our extensive range of machinery: fleet of machines our infrastructure for testing and developing products is unique in Europe.
  • With our versatile team of AM experts: our specialists have decades of experience in the industry and provide neutral advice and coaching.
  • With the latest know-how and technology: covering all AM processes and materials, including metals, polymers and ceramic materials.

Companies that have preceded you

With more than 25 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing, Sirris is one of the top European R&D organisations. Many Belgian companies have already greatly benefited from this. Here are a few projects from 2015:

Our aim: to make your AM expertise sustainable

Together with Sirris you can find out about the opportunities and advantages provided by AM, without having to make enormous investments. We also guide you through the complete design process and help you integrate the technology into your processes. After this, we transfer our knowledge, so that you can get going on your own to further streamline your production with AM.

Sirris supports you at every step in your Additive Manufacturing project:

1. Recognising the potential of your company

  • Implementing feasibility studies (benchmarking & support in making technical choices)
  • Identifying potential applications and opportunities while taking account of new business models and value creation

2. Designing products suitable for AM

  • Support with the design & development of AM products (topological optimisation, post processing, etc.)
  • Teaching the principles of AM design

3. Optimising or implementing technologies

Discover the opportunities

Would you like to know how to set up Additive Manufacturing in your company? We are very happy to help you with technical advice and customised practical assistance. 

Please contact our expert.