SURFACESCRIPT- Functionally textured surfaces for new generation components

At the request of industry, Sirris has built up experience in functionalising surfaces through texturing and is now ready to introduce the technology more widely, towards SMEs. Over the next three years, we will take steps, together with a group of companies, to make the concept of surface structuring more marketable and more widely known to the manufacturing industry.

Duration: Januari 2021 - December 2023



Belgian industry, in particular the manufacturing industry, is in full swing. New technological trends, such as Industry 4.0, constantly force it to reinvent itself and face new challenges. The aim of this constant evolution is to hold its own in the globalised market, where competition not only comes from our own country, but from all over the world. This goal can be achieved by producing innovative, attractive products in a way that is an improvement over the previous situation in terms of cost, social and environmental impact.


The objective of the SURFACESCRIPT project is to unlock femtosecond laser technology for the creation of functional surfaces. Initially, manufacturing industry will gain more insight into achievable complexity, techno-economic competitiveness and short and long term behaviour under realistic conditions. In addition, companies are actively supported in their application to their own products and processes.


Six demonstrators will show how femtosecond laser technology translates into concrete applications. The final obstacles to successful development are being addressed: 

  • the transfer of 2D textures to functional 3D products,
  • the use of parameter models and/or replication technology for cost-efficient production,
  • ensuring functional behaviour in the short and long term under realistic conditions.

These demonstrators actively support companies in using functional surfaces for their own products or processes. Through collective activities, such as workshops and webinars, the basis is laid for an individual pathway in which the concrete realisation of a functionalised component or production is envisaged.


SURFACESCRIPT is a COOCK-project, supported by VLAIO:



Want to know more about this project and the possibilities for your company?

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