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Sirris network results in digital work instructions partnership

29 November 2022
Pascal Pollet

What networking can lead to is illustrated by 24Flow and, both Sirris members: on 21 November they announced their joint offering for context-based, multilingual work instructions, offering manufacturing companies and their operators an easy way to create, adapt and consult digital work instructions.

Software company makes it easy to create, share and read 'how-to' manuals and training courses. All this due to a SaaS platform of the same name which manages the entire lifecycle of multilingual work instructions. succeeds in capturing knowledge of companies and making it accessible quickly and easily to customers or employees, in any language, at any time, without installing an app. With this solution it meets the demand of both multinationals operating across the globe and smaller companies facing the increasingly diverse background of the workforce.

24Flow, from the start-up of the same name, represents a modular, cloud-based operations platform aimed at high-mix-low-volume manufacturing companies looking to reduce lead times and increase delivery reliability. Low-code apps accelerate digitisation, increase real-time visibility and introduce advanced shop floor flow control, which results in accelerated efficiency, improved lead times and higher delivery reliability.

Best of both worlds

The combined offering of and 24Flow meets a real need on the factory floor: it automatically shows operators the right digital work instructions at the right time. Contextualising work instructions saves time, prevents errors and increases overall efficiency. For example, if a machine reports an error code, 24Flow records the event and the platform immediately displays the right work instruction to the operator, who can then solve the problem, while preventing downtime or lost productivity. Similarly, 24Flow is aware of the production context: it knows the work order, the customer and the action currently being performed by the operator. This means the platform can show the right instructions to the operator at the right time, without the need to conduct a search.

Thanks to this collaboration, both companies hope to become even more responsive to their customers' needs.

Interaction with Sirris

Sirris also tightens the relationship with its members to achieve innovative solutions and fruitful collaborations. For example, 24Flow technology will be used in the demonstrator at our site in Diepenbeek and the start-up will give a presentation on digital production floor tools during our lead time reduction bootcamp on 7 December. Want to find out about the options for your production? Details, programme and registration form for this bootcamp as part of the Interreg project QRM4.0 can be found on in our agenda!

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