Make cybersecurity your priority in 2022!

24 January 2022
Tatiana Galibus

More and more SMEs offer digital services, make intelligent products, write software programs, develop apps, etc. But how can you make sure that they are safe? Sirris is here to help you!

The importance of cybersecurity in the development of products and digital services is growing rapidly. The reasons why cybersecurity is so important are not always clear for companies, while many don’t even know where to start. In a few short videos, our Sirris cybersecurity experts address some frequently asked questions or problems.

How to reduce the cost of cybersecurity?

With so many, sometimes difficult and expensive solutions available, how can you as a (small) manufacturing company reduce your costs for cybersecurity? After all, there are so many solutions, and some seem expensive, others impossible. We reveal four important principles to make your cybersecurity strategy cheaper.

How to start with cybersecurity for digital services?

As a digital service provider, how do you build cyber-secure services? The answer is simple: become ‘app-secure’ and apply the principles of ‘application security’. What this is and how to get started, you will find out here.

How to start with cybersecurity in production industry?

How to start cybersecurity as a manufacturing company, when there are so many possibilities, so many recommendations and so many ways to get started? Our advice is to start with three simple steps.

What about internal cybersecurity at digital manufacturing companies?

As a digital manufacturing company, are you required to complete a questionnaire from your customer on your internal cybersecurity? Large, regulated companies such as banks and insurance companies are obliged to assess the risk they run by working with a supplier, especially when data exchange or technical integration is involved. As a subcontractor and part of such a complete supply chain, you have no other option. We will tell you why and how this can be an advantage for you.

Masterclass on 'Cyber Security for Mobile App Builders and Outsourcers'

Building mobile apps and including them in the service offering are becoming a must for digital services. What needs to be in place to build a reliable mobile app? How can you trust the mobile app of your product or technology provider? How do you check whether an outsourced mobile app for your service is reliable and secure? All these questions will be answered in this pragmatic training by Sirris and Agoria, which will take place on 15 March. Read more about it in our agenda and register!


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