IP services through the SME Fund initiative - a starting success in Benelux, next window soon open

28 June 2021
Benoit Olbrechts

Are you protecting the intellectual assets of your business with intellectual property rights? To support you, the pre-diagnostic IP services from the EUIPO SME Fund 'Ideas Powered for Business' stand as an attractive opportunity.

Six weeks ago, we informed you about the SME Fund initiative 'Ideas Powered for Business', supporting European companies in their trade mark applications, design and model registrations, but also through IP Scan services. These services are discounted by up to 50-75 percent.

Being available through pre-defined time-windows, we have now the statistics of the window opened in May: 2,361 applicants from all EU Member states required 4808 services, including both IP Scans trade mark and design fees.

Almost EUR 1,380,000 in grants for all available services were requested over a 31-day period (2,535 EU trade marks and 607 registered community designs; 1,247 national trade marks and 262 national designs and 157 IP scans). Benelux figures among the very active and demanded European territories as 197 IP Services requests were registered there, ranked just below Germany (231 requests).


During that window 114 IP service requests emerged from Belgian applicants, of which 86 percent from micro-companies.


Also, 65 experts from seven different countries successfully completed the EUIPO IPPD / IP Scan training, bringing the total number of experts qualified to provide the service to the beneficiaries to more than 170. Our Sirris Patent Cell is happy to be counted among them.

For SMEs interested in the initiative, the next window of the SME Fund will open soon: 1-31 July 2021.

For more information on these services: https://euipo.europa.eu/ohimportal/en/online-services/sme-fund

To submit an application: https://euipo.europa.eu/cosme/form/sme-fund


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