Demonstrator combines operator assistance, QRM and transparency on the shop-floor

31 July 2017
Bart Verlinden

On 18 October we are presenting a new demonstrator at Kortrijk consisting of an assembly line with six cells which is completely in line with Industry 4.0 while fully embracing the strategies of QRM. This is how we can make the production of low volume product families with many variations as efficient as possible. Come along and find out more!

Following the construction of the first demonstrator Sirris set up in the Smart & Digital Factory in Kortrijk, it has gone further with the ‘factory of the future’ by paying even more attention to operator support. During the event we will be giving a preview of a completely new Industry 4.0 demonstrator consisting of six cells that form the assembly line for manufacturing product families with lots of variations. With the demonstrator we are attempting to create the ideal assembly line for cost-effective production of short production runs. The set-up forms part of a test version of the ‘factory of the future’ developed by Sirris, so that companies can explore the possibilities of Industry 4.0 in real manufacturing conditions. They can then test it for themselves later on. 

The focus lies on the operator with this demonstrator whereby they are supported in their work with technologies such as cobots, AGV and digital instructions projected onto a monitor or working surface. The emphasis is on maximum efficiency with this assembly set-up: that is why we are invoking our expertise in production organisation, more specifically the principles of QRM, Lean and Kaizen. Digital integration of various processes and tools is also included in the demonstrator. 

Would you like to see our demonstrator in action? Then come along on 18 October for the official presentation! Find more details in our agenda

Sirris is a partner in the Interreg Factory 4.0 project which is an international initiative aimed at introducing companies operating along national border areas to technologies that fall within the scope of Industry 4.0 and the opportunities this provides.

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