Controlling temperature, optimising performance: the competitive advantage of Thermal Management

26 March 2024
Carl Emmerechts
Manuel Romero-Padilla

In a constantly evolving technological world, thermal management has become a crucial challenge. Having more than two decades of innovation, Sirris possesses in-depth expertise which is valuable in many contexts where thermal management is crucial, thus contributing to ensuring the performance and reliability of current complex systems.

The core of efficiency 

Thermal management is the art and science of maintaining systems at an optimal temperature for efficient operation. It is an essential component in the design of electronic and mechanical systems, which are becoming increasingly compact and powerful. Poorly managed temperature can lead to failures, thus affecting the performance and durability of the products.

Sirris: more than 20 years expertise in Thermal Management

Sirris stands apart for its advanced modelling capabilities and its in-depth understanding of thermal behaviour. The methods developed by Sirris enable not only the prediction of how heat is produced and transferred, but also the implementation of effective strategies for dissipation of the heat, thus protecting essential components against damage related to excess temperature.

What are the fields of application?

The control of thermal management has applications in numerous fields, from electronics to lighting, including industry, energy, health and many others. Sirris combines Computational Fluid Dynamics with specialised advice on materials offering complete knowhow covering digital simulation, thermal analysis and prototyping.

Partnerships and projects

Sirris’s expertise in Thermal Management has been highlighted through dozens of cases, leading to fruitful collaborations with leading industrialists like Barco, IBA, Jabill, CE+T, Dalemans, Arcelor, Schréder, to name a few. These partnerships demonstrate the significant impact and added value provided to industries by the expert team of the Product Development Hub of Sirris.

Continuous innovation

In this era of miniaturisation and ‘smartisation’, where thermal challenges are increasingly complex, Sirris’s activity remains more relevant than ever. Thanks to its experience, Sirris is innovating in the design of new products that offer not only greater freedom of conception, but also optimised thermal management. By choosing Sirris, you are selecting a partner who understands the value of efficient thermal management and which is committed to driving your technology forwards.
Contact the Sirris team today and find out how our expertise in thermal management can reinforce the efficiency and durability of your products.

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