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Are you planning to conceive  innovative products, digital services or systems, but still have some blind spots about technologies, costs, partners and approaches? Hire our multidisciplinary system architects. Their independent guidance, based on first-hand experience and backed by a large team, will provide you with the necessary insights to take your project to the finish line.

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smart product systems architect

Your co-pilot in uncharted territory

Building tomorrow’s products and production systems requires vast multidisciplinary expertise. You probably already master some disciplines, while others are new to you and may appear daunting. If this is the case, our no-nonsense system architects are here to assist. With their skills and experience, they help ensure you make the right choices at every stage of your innovation project.

Investing for better leadtimes

From wise investments to shorter lead times

Risk mitigation is vital in technological innovation. This is particularly true when your team lacks the expertise to, for example, add sensing, actuation, intelligence, connectivity or cloud services to your products. After all, you only want to invest in relevant technology – without overinvesting, all while avoiding vendor lock-in and optimizing lead times.

Guidance from A to Z

A step-by-step approach to maintain a helicopter view. Go for the full package or select the steps you want to call us in for.

Defining the business case

We experience that many companies too easily jump on technology. However, the technology is only supportive to a valid business case. We can help to inspire, challenge and elaborate your business case.

Mapping project building blocks

Our system architects on demand break your innovation project down into manageable building blocks, by identifying the required interfaces and assessing the required expertise for each building block.

Mastering (digital) product management

Next to product development, we also focus on proper (digital) product management practices. This step is crucial when switching from traditional to connected products and (digital) services that are linked to the product.

Selecting fit-for-purpose partners

We guide you in setting up a consortium of skilled and complementary development partners that covers all your development needs. In this way you won’t end up paying third parties for things you don’t need or want.

Weighing partner proposals

After you’ve selected your innovation partner(s), Sirris experts also assess whether the contribution of each of your development partners is being offered at the right cost and within a reasonable timeline.

Looking for the proper funding modalities

Wherever possible, we pro-actively look for funding modalities to support the customers’ activities, our activities and those of the other partners . We can even assist in the preparation of a funding proposal.

Serving as a critical sounding board

We continuously appraise the quality of your development partners’ contributions, at specific milestones or upon completion of deliverables. Did they come through on their promise, and does their contribution adequately support your system architecture?

Engaging additional support

Single-domain specialists from our pool (IP, mechatronic, embedded software, cloud services, data & AI, …) and lab infrastructure to realize and evaluate proof-of-concepts.

Gaetan Hug System Architect Smart Products at Sirris

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