Offshore wind turbines

Onshore and offshore wind energy

Since the first wind farm opened in 1982 on the Greek island of Kythnos, the industry has developed a continuous series of solutions to make both onshore and offshore wind energy more reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and efficient. And there’s plenty still to come. Can your solutions offer added value? Sirris supports you with research, development, testing and demonstration projects – whichever part of the value chain you’re in.

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Wind energy surge calls for innovative solutions

Wind energy is powering the European Green Deal. To illustrate, wind already represents over 15% of Europe’s electricity generation and this share will rapidly rise in the coming years. To speed up the process, we need to reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE), create storage technologies, optimise maintenance and operations, increase performance through digitisation, and go all in all sustainable solutions. Are you up for the task?

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Support for the entire wind energy value chain

We’re a hands-on companion for start-ups, scale-ups, established SMEs and large (international) enterprises, as well as innovation clusters and governments that are already active in the wind industry, or plan on entering this growth industry. In short, everybody is welcome to knock on our door: developers, component suppliers, OEMs, operators, O&M service providers, EPCI actors, etc.

Propelling the wind of change

Our experts back organisations with RD&I support in different phases of a wind energy project, and do so with a blend of unique services:

Advice & consulting

Share your plans and aspirations, and we’ll give you objective guidance in return. From tech choices to innovation management and business development, we have your back.


Our tailored internal masterclasses for the onshore and offshore wind industry help engineers and project teams to grow within their role. Think about market trends, technology and more.

Technological & lab support

Get your technological support from our pool of 160 multidisciplinary experts. Need to test your innovation? We also provide extensive lab support tailored to your needs.

Wind turbine services
  • Climatic validation testing of large wind turbine components
  • Leading edge erosion detection and monitoring of wind turbine blades
  • Design of experiment for performance impact investigations on wind turbines
  • Wind turbine (aerodynamic) performance boost using blade add-ons
  • Wind turbine airfoil & blade design and analysis (using CFD, aeroelastic simulation tools, wake models) 
OWI-Lab (Sirris-VUB-UGent)

The OWI-Lab by Sirris, VUB and UGent

Sirris is the proud co-founder of the OWI-Lab, an expertise and knowledge consortium. This initiative was set up in 2010 to initiate and support research, development and innovation projects with the Belgian wind energy value chain. This R&D collaboration includes fundamental, applied and industry-driven research & development. It also provides access to testing and demonstration opportunities in real environments. 

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Pieter Jan Jordaens

Eager to accelerate your R&D project for the wind energy industry?

Pieter Jan Jordaens and his team are all ears.

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