Wannes Lembrechts

Engineer Circular Economy Composites and renewable materials
Circular economy

By combining two or more base materials you can create a composite material that becomes stronger, lighter, more resistant to electricity, etc. The options are endless. But in practice, you’re likely to run into some pressing questions. What are the exact pros and cons of composite materials? Which product process should you select for your composite product? How can you make composite products more circular? And what about biocomposites? I can help you with these and other questions about composites, biocomposites and the circular economy. All you need to do is reach out.


  • Composites 
  • Renewable materials
  • Circular Economy

Work experience 

After successfully presenting my master’s thesis in mechanical engineering for research with bike frame company Rein4ced, I joined Sirris in 2022. There, I lead the collective research on biocomposites.


Mechanical engineering at KU Leuven (2022)

Professional motto 

“If we don't help companies, we're not doing our job right.”

Fun fact 

My experience with composites already started when I was a kid, having competed in about a hundred road and off-road races on a composite bike.

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