Stephan Masselis

Senior Engineer Mechatronics

If you see me at Sirris, I’m probably engaged in modelling, simulation or physical testing – all very exciting activities. After all, static and dynamic robustness (including strength, vibration and motion) are key requirements to achieve high-performing machines and processes. By applying appropriate mechatronics (sensors and controls, combined with model knowledge), we can make these systems smarter for you, and contribute to a more efficient use of your materials and energy.


  • Modelling & simulation using both geometric (CAD/CAE) and numerical (Excel, MathCad) tools
  • Sensors and measurement systems
  • Mechanism simulation 

Work experience 

I joined Sirris shortly after graduating university and never left. I witnessed the evolution of 3D CAD/CAM and FEA, technologies that became available on PC-based systems, making them accessible to all. Meanwhile, I became a passionate user myself. 

Insights into model behaviour, often in combination with measurement data, allowed me to contribute to innovation and problem-solving for diverse applications, ranging from mega-structures (e.g. 1,000 ton drill arm of dredger) to miniature mechatronic systems (e.g. 'smart lock', or thermal management of microfluidic device).


  • Mechanical engineering at Ghent University (1988)

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