Pieter Samyn

Senior Engineer Circular Economy Renewable materials

In view of current societal and environmental challenges, we are more than ever confronted with the need for new products and the exploration of novel resources. In the meantime, our comfort relies on the creation of innovative functional materials. My job is to guide your company in creating a more sustainable future by selecting the right materials and adapting processes. In particular, I’m here to support you in the transition from fossil-based to bio-based materials, advise you on coating and surface design, as well as coating formulation and application. Realizing innovation with sustainable materials, let’s do this together!


  • Biopolymers
  • Coatings and surfaces
  • Paper

Work experience

After finishing studies as materials engineer, I built up knowledge in various fields of processing, characterisation and surface modification of polymers. I obtained a PhD in polymer tribology and subsequently led research projects on bio-inspired adhesion mechanisms, functional coatings for paper substrates, and the development of (nano)composite materials from bio-based building blocks (cellulose, biopolymers).


  • M. Sc. Materials Science & Engineering at Ghent University (2001)
  • Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering at Ghent University (2007)

Fun fact

I play the euphonium in local brass bands: Science is Art!

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