Pieter Kesteloot

Manager Future Technologies

Are you looking for a broad insight into technology? Do you need to develop a roadmap, a strategic plan or a soundboard to brainstorm your project idea and concept? Or would you like to receive pragmatic coaching for the development of a project proposal? Then feel free to pick my brain! After 30 years of experience in technology watch, roadmapping and setting up research projects and initiatives, I have gained an extensive overview of innovation, technology and future strategies for the technology industry.


  • Innovation management, roadmapping, technology watch
  • Broad overview of the technology industry
  • Coaching the set-up of R&D projects

Work experience

I currently focus on coaching my colleagues in setting up projects and developing strategic innovation plans. My strength lies in the creative use of my comprehensive technological knowledge to advance the technology industry.


  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – KU Leuven – 1984

Professional motto

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Fun fact

I like organic gardening, devising creative wooden constructions for my garden, and hanging out with my dog Umay.


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