Gert Heirman

Program Manager Mechatronics

Get in touch with my team, the mechatronics team, to tackle all your challenges related to sensing, imaging, signal and image processing, embedded software, and connectivity. We harness these technological building blocks to optimise your products and machines, as well as your manufacturing contexts. Moreover, because of the broad technical background of our experts, we are ideally placed to help you (re)design the architecture for your systems.


  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Signal/image processing
  • Numerical simulation

Work experience 

At Siemens PLM, I led a research team that developed novel simulation techniques for mechanical drivetrains. At a later stage, as team leader Mechanical Engineering at Punch Powertrain, I managed a team of experts in simulation, gear trains, clutch packs, etc., while I also introduced novel approaches to predict NVH performance. I joined Sirris in 2019. Next to leading the Mechatronics team, I focus on hyperspectral imaging and signal/image processing techniques.


  • MSc. in Electromechanical engineering at KULeuven (2006)
  • PhD. in Mechanical engineering at KULeuven (2011)

Professional motto 

"If you cannot explain it in a simple way, you don’t fully understand it."

Fun fact 

Besides solving technological challenges, I get my kicks out of making things with my hands.

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