Felipe Baroni

Engineer Precision Manufacturing

As a precision manufacturing engineer, I assist my team in developing solutions for surface functionalization across various materials for a wide range of applications. Everything has a surface, so it is reasonable to think that the application of this technology is virtually limitless. This is precisely what makes my job so exciting and why there’s probably a fit between your questions and my team’s expertise. Feel free to put us to the test.


  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Surface Engineering                  

Work experience

I have 15 years of expertise with materials processing, development and characterization, both in industrial and R&D projects. Moreover, I have ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding a Health Tech startup company, working on several fronts, encompassing operational, technical, and management aspects.


  • PhD in materials science and engineering at UFSCar (Brazil)

Professional motto

Genuine technological advancement happens when you associate technical and scientific knowledge with industrial applications

Fun fact

I am from Brazil and moved to Belgium 9 months ago. After work, I like to brew my own (delicious) beer and I am also passionate about diving.

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