Bram Cloet

Senior Engineer Energy Transition Industry

Don’t wait to see which way the wind blows when it comes to the energy transition. Lead by example and put your ideas into practice. And if you do, I’ll be more than happy to assist you: from designing solutions to testing and implementing them. With my colleagues at the On- and Offshore Wind Infrastructure Lab, we make technological innovation one of your company’s strong suits. 


  • Energy transition
  • Power transformers
  • Electric Engineering    

Work experience

I've been working in the energy sector since 2007. First, within the field of high-voltage distribution transformers. Later, to service the Belgian nuclear power plants. And now, I put my experience to use as Senior Engineer Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy Industry at Sirris. 


Master in Electrotechnical-Mechanical Engineering (Electrical Energy) at KU Leuven (2007)

Professional motto

“Honesty is the best policy, both at home and at work” 

Fun fact

Proud husband and father of three, and a skillful handyman interested in DIY electronics

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