June 2023

Integrating additive manufacturing or 3D printing on the shopfloor
In this advanced session, we will focus on how to approach several steps of the AM value chain from the end-user's point of view and help to better understand their impact on the final quality of the product.

July 2023

04 July 2023 13:30 - 15:30

Meet the cobots

Installing a cobot ... how do you start? How as a business can you determine how a cobot can be used effectively and what the implementation steps should be? During this hands-on workshop Sirris will help you find the answers yourself. We will...

October 2023

Hands-on micromanufacturing
03 October 2023 09:00 - 17:00

Hands-on masterclass micromanufacturing

With this masterclass we will conclude the first series of webinars initiated in October 2022 and dedicated to micromanufacturing technologies. A full day will be dedicated to an in-depth presentation of techniques from the Sirris micromanufacturing...
AMR mobile robot for production logistics
Optimising production logistics and implementing practical automation with automated guided vehicles (AGV) or autonomous mobile robots (AMR)… how can your company assess how to use these effectively and what are the steps in such a process? During...

November 2023

SLC-Lab Composites press
In order to introduce newcomers to the world of composites, Sirris organises a basic course on composites and their processing technologies. This crash course will give you an answer to numerous practical questions, such as 'What added value can...