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Digital transition, optimisation of production processes, cyber security, the circular economy,... Discover how the Sirris-Agoria community can guide and support you and your employees from its locally embedded hubs (Kortrijk, Charleroi, Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Leuven, Genk) in strategic challenges that touch the DNA of your organisation directly.

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As an entrepreneur in the digital and/or manufacturing industry, you have so much on your mind nowadays. The overall business climate is particularly challenging. Moreover, there are numerous themes that are not necessarily your core business, but require your attention nonetheless because they can represent both an opportunity and a challenge for your organisation: lightning-fast technological developments, the digital and green transitions, dealing with ever-shorter innovation cycles, attracting and retaining talent, etc.

Are you facing a strategic challenge where you need well-founded insights, confidential advice from experts and peers, pragmatic roadmaps or other forms of inspiration, support and guidance? The local Sirris-Agoria community is your first line of help.

What makes the Sirris-Agoria community unique?


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‘Single point of contact’ for all your questions

Agoria and Sirris have been privileged partners of Belgian technology companies for more than 70 years.

Access to over 300 experts and a unique network in, inter alia, business, politics, academia, research, the world of social consultation and the field of standardisation enable us to approach your question from all relevant dimensions and guide you to the right solution without detours.

The strength of a locally anchored trusted community

Complementarity and a multidisciplinary approach are our hallmark. And that is important, because many challenges not only have a technological side, but also a political, social and/or economic component.

We also strongly believe in the power of local presence in Belgium's main technology ecosystems. Our local Sirris-Agoria Community Managers actively work on strategic partnerships within the local Sirris-Agoria hubs in Charleroi, Kortrijk and Genk. Whether you are an SME or a multinational, we are ready to connect you to those ecosystems in a confidential environment. 

We go beyond just being present in the process:

We support the creation and development of ecosystems

We support the creation and development of selected ecosystems by creating critical mass, using a smart specialisation approach as a starting point.

We optimise (local) public investment

We create new opportunities on an ongoing basis and make sure that you benefit to the maximum from the facilities and networks of the respective local ecosystem by connecting companies actively with ecosystem partners.

We go for strengthening the training offer locally, in close cooperation with various local players

Through us, you get access to existing training initiatives, and we initiate new programmes ourselves as and where necessary.

Our Sirris-Agoria Community Managers show you the way to the right experts within Sirris or Agoria and put you in touch with relevant partners and stakeholders in the ecosystems. They know what is going on in the companies, but also in the ecosystem, and constantly see opportunities to put you in touch with the right people or get you to collaborate.

Our Community Managers are at your service!

Laurent Voets | Sirris


Laurent Voets
Community Manager Sirris-Agoria
A6K - Charleroi
+32 498 91 93 86

Tjorven Denorme | Agoria


Tjorven Denorme
Community Manager Agoria-Sirris
House of Manufacturing – Kortrijk
+32 476 93 58 54

Paul Peeters | Agoria


Paul Peeters
Community Manager Agoria-Sirris
FacThory – Genk
+32 473 75 75 40