The Crisis Code Cracker has helped more than 90 West-Flemish companies beat the crisis

“Never waste a good crisis,” a famous saying by Winston Churchill, but also the idea behind the Crisis Code Cracker. This action plan helps companies in the Belgian technology sector to make their companies future-proof in three steps. More than 90 West-Flemish companies have already participated free of charge thanks to the provincial recovery plan of POM West-Vlaanderen. A result that is expected to continue to go up in a straight line.   

“The industry is bouncing back and we at Sirris are extremely happy about that,” says Herman Derache, Managing Director of Sirris. Together with Agoria and other partners, we have set up various initiatives to guide our technology companies through this period of exceptional crisis. One of them is the Crisis Code Cracker. Companies that use it can count on a fast and efficient screening of their product, production or business. They gain new insights and can focus on innovation where it matters most. In addition, they can also work on a concrete action plan and respond to rapid evolutions or changes in the market. Think of digitalisation, automation or sustainability. We launched the crisis code at the end of last summer and this tailor-made action plan will continue until the end of summer 2021. We hope to welcome many more new companies on the path to resilient innovation.

It is quite remarkable that the Crisis Code Cracker offers help to companies with diverse activities, such as IT service providers, metalworkers, machine builders, manufacturing companies, but also energy producers, service companies and recycling/upcycling companies. This is one of the reasons why more than 90 West-Flemish entrepreneurs have already taken part.

One of them is Bart Maeyens, General Manager at Modular Lighting Instruments in Roeselare. He too was looking for solutions to the challenges after Brexit and corona. The Crisis Code Cracker zoomed in on three major pillars: product innovation, operations and out-of-the-box ideas. The process produced many valuable ideas and trains of thought that can be effectively applied today. Read the full testimonial: Bart Maeyens (Modular Lighting Instruments) about his experience with Crisis Code Cracker.

West-Flemish recovery plan

The Province of West-Vlaanderen and POM West-Vlaanderen are also enthusiastic about the positive evolution in their companies. The results are a confirmation of the importance of increasing digitalisation and automation of business activities and the need for digital skills among employees. 

The current reality underlines the importance of increasing digitalisation and automation of business activities and the need for digital skills among employees. As part of the recovery plan, the province of West-Flanders is therefore working with their partners to develop an offer aimed at a digital and sustainable transformation of industrial SMEs and their employees. With a total package of scans, audits, implementation projects, workshops, inspiring webinars and investments in digital technologies, they increase the resilience of West-Flemish companies. 

Companies in West-Vlaanderen participate free of charge in the Crisis Code Cracker trajectory thanks to the recovery plan of POM West-Flanders.