Based on Agoria figures, Sirris compared the economic performance of the companies it helped innovate over the past three years with the entire technological industry. Conclusion: when companies work together and innovate, they perform significantly better than their industry peers. A tendency which we are more than happy to support.

Functional surfaces add value to products, making them more competitive. These surfaces can be achieved with coatings, by applying structures or by a combination of both techniques. There are a huge amount of options. Sirris shows you this potential in a new e-book that is now ready for you to download.

With its office furniture and office decoration Pami wants to make concrete moves towards a circular economy. Sirris and Agoria helped them put the pieces together for a step-by-step plan based on their own strengths. This definitely boosts the dynamics at the company.

Sirris is helping JTEKT Torsen to optimise its products through better materials management and layout.

Sirris gave a presentation on artificial intelligence and intellectual property, together with BEA, at the CFIB's Annual Days in Lyon.

New developments arise from the demand for sustainable, more qualitative coatings which combine functionalities. The use of new materials in different sectors and stricter regulations in terms of the use of harmful substances, make it necessary for coating and paint manufacturers to regularly adjust their formulas. In order to correctly evaluate newly developed compositions, it is essential to test them by means of methods which both focus on the coating and on the substrate.

On 25 June Sirris expert Omar Mohout and Dado Van Peteghem present their book 'Corporate Venturing', about how to accelerate growth through cooperation with start-ups.

Before coating a substrate, it is treated through manual cleaning, sanding, surface activation. Let’s look at the possibilities.

They meet with unanimous praise from designers and producers of innovative products in the industrial world. 'They' are thermoplastic composites, the qualities of which are convincing... And now facing a new challenge: how to implement these composites faster and at the lowest cost? Explanation below.

The industry is clearly booming now. The biggest problem is no longer reducing costs, but getting the flow of orders delivered on time. Quick response manufacturing (QRM) is a growth strategy for companies that want to stand out with short lead times. The QRM World Conference in Eindhoven (19-21 June) is a unique opportunity to learn all about it.