Additive Manufacturing (AM) will disrupt the manufacturing industry in the next decade. Therefore Agoria, PwC and Sirris are joining forces to create new insights about the present state of AM in the Belgian industry, its potential and the barriers for its mass uptake. Participate to our survey!

It had been coming for a while, and now it is a reality: shortly after New Year Amazon surpassed the giant trio of Microsoft, Google and Apple and is now the largest publicly traded company in the world. This is typical of Amazon’s smart and sustained strategy, as well as of its founder Jef Bezos, but this number one position also gives a more in-depth picture of the power relations in the digital economy.

To ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability in IoT systems, a number of security aspects need to be considered, in order to achieve security and privacy by design. In this first white paper of a series which you can download we give an overview with checklist.

Long ago there were two kingdoms called Datamania and Scienzia that constantly competed with each other, not over power or wealth but over knowledge.

In a month’s time the new generation of Factories of the Future will be revealed during the fifth edition of the Factory of the Future Awards. Don’t miss it and be inspired during this exciting event on 6 February in Kortrijk Xpo.

The EPO has launched a new version of the Espacenet database that is richer and friendlier.

Parker Hannifin is globally active in motion & control technologies. The arrival of a few new machines and the takeover of production activities from another European department prompted a different approach in production at the Belgian site. The company investigated how it could optimise the production, layout and, as a result, the lead time. QRM brought the right solution.

Additive manufacturing in combination with existing (coating) technologies provides better and more feasible applications than AM alone. This is the conclusion reached by Sirris and the Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung (IAP) during a joint research project on technical coatings for additive manufacturing. The results are promising.

Large volumes of composite material are soon to be disposed of, without established processing routes. While a range of technologies for recycling are available, these technologies are not yet embedded in a profitable value chain. The CompositeLoop project identifies business opportunities, informs about the current bottlenecks and proposes solutions for recycling large composite parts in the context of the whole value chain. Our workshop on 17 January focusses on the waste stream of yachts and boats.

At the end of 2018 the European Patent Office organised its first conference on the patentability of Blockchain and its applications.