From 25 to 27 March, VWT, in collaboration with A3TS, is organising a three-day conference on carbonation, carbonitriding and carbon-based surface layers in Antwerp.

Who has not heard of the fantastic benefits that additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have brought to real world applications? We are now seeing parts designed that are lighter, more efficient and that are fancy. Several new technologies in AM have popped up and old ones are getting highly efficient and automated to process materials and generate little waste. There are however, still a few challenges.

With the doors of the world's largest consumer electronics show closing in Las Vegas, it's worth reviewing and analysing the major trends of what the industry has in store for us in the coming months.

We are in the middle of a big shift in the way people use and buy software. The decision making has shifted from the buyer to the user. This strategy is called product-led growth (PLG) and it enables companies to quickly scale in a capital-efficient manner.

In Industry 4.0, design and manufacturing are closely linked. This is the starting point for the merger of the Prototyping Xpo and MNE trade fairs into a single fair for the entire value chain, from innovative design in small volumes to the production and marketing of series. Prototyping-MNE, in which Sirris also participates, will take place on 5 and 6 February in Kortrijk.

A time registration system was recently installed on the smart assembly line in the Sirris lab in Kortrijk. The assembly line is used to demonstrate how technology can support the operator in several assembly actions.

The digital economy is driven by hyperscale and microcare. It is absolutely essential that we offer scalable online services which take over tasks from consumers and/or business users, while also being user-friendly. We wanted to know the opinion of decision-makers about this and spoke with Nadja Desmet, founder of and Someflex and elected 'West-Flemish promising SME of the year'.

Patents can teach us a lot about the history of technologies.

The WIPO is collecting insights from businesses on a document setting out issues posed by AI in the field of intellectual property.

European Member States launched a cross-border market surveillance campaign in 2019 in order to evaluate the conformity of 'intelligent' household appliances with legislation relating to these products. The conclusion is that it would be wise to raise awareness of the specific legal requirements for integrating wireless connectivity within a product.