There is so much you can achieve with structured surfaces. They add value to products, making them more competitive. Through a series of cases based on the needs of different sectors, Sirris will give you an idea about their potential. In the first one we will discuss how textures can help to cope with wear of components in the manufacturing industry.

The growing number of elderly persons is a challenge for our society. Thanks to user-friendly technologies they might be able to live independently at home for longer. In the context of the SMARTpro VIS project, Sirris set up three demonstrators illustrating the potential of combining data from different sources for advanced localisation and activity monitoring based on the technological developments realised within the project.

In cold climates, icing events and long periods with extreme low temperatures may impact the behaviour of standard wind turbines and this reverberates negatively on economics and safety of the wind farm. The behaviour of wind turbines operating in cold climates is studied at an international level by the IEA Wind TCP Task 19, a group of experts, of which Sirris is the representative member for Belgium.

Sirris is playing the role of interim project manager for a start-up that is developing an innovative tea machine that respects the art of tea.

YouniQ Machining is a Flemish startup based in Zonhoven, Limburg that specialises in making aluminium components. What is unique about this company is the fact that the entire process from quotation to NV programme is fully automated.

Additive manufacturing (AM) presents unprecedented opportunities as a production technology. However, when aiming to make optimal use of the AM potential, product designers will have to think and act differently. How can they adjust the methodology of the design process to the specific liberties and restrictions of AM? Sirris gives answers in a new e-book.

Hydrophobic plastic surfaces, metal surfaces with controlled wetting properties, more wear-resistant machine parts ... the options are endless with structured surfaces. They provide added value to products, making them more competitive. Through a series of cases based on the needs of different sectors, Sirris will show you the potential.

Nowadays, a wide variety of algorithms is available in different data analytics libraries and toolkits. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an algorithm, the question is not whether an algorithm exists to solve your problem, but rather which one best fits the data science problem you are trying to solve. The next session of the EluciDATA mastercourse on 26 April will focus on choosing the right algorithm for the right task.

Innovation can take shape around many aspects. But where is the best place to start and why? In this third blog, dealing with successful innovation, we present some inspiring examples that relate to the 'smart interconnected’ trend. Sirris is organising an Inspiration session to take place on 29 March, and you can register for this already.

A webcast describes the subsidies available to companies for filing patents in Flanders.