The modern world is increasingly interconnected. Departments and enterprises must be able to share the latest and most accurate information about the production system and its operation. The international standard IEC 62832, Digital Factory Framework, which is currently being updated, provides a common reference for the digitisation of data related to production systems.

A new standard is currently being developed for assessing the risks but also for setting up measures of prevention and protection relative to the processes of additive manufacturing with metallic materials. This document also includes a part dedicated to waste management. It is drafted jointly by the ISO/TC 261 and ASTM F42 technical committees for additive manufacturing.

Sirris is on a mission. Today even more than ever, because we want to convince entrepreneurs and their companies to accelerate their innovations, in order to provide a real answer to changing times, suddenly emerging crises and emerging challenges. Concretely, we want to help our companies achieve innovation resulting in sustainable solutions for our technology industry. Especially for this reason Sirris designed the Crisis Code Cracker. An action plan that helps your company become crisis-proof in three steps. Definitely something to follow up on.

In these times of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we may think that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or an IIoT backbone has become an absolute requirement to digitally connect the office (the ERP) with the shop floor. In this first of two articles we look at whether this is always the case.

Software providers increasingly need to focus on the optimisation of their services, including the ability to react to customer preferences. Through its flexible framework and algorithms, the ITEA project Flex4Apps creates a full loop that allows companies to offer more complex services while advancing the digital transition. For this unique result the project partners have received the ITEA Award of Excellence during the Online ITEA PO Days 2020.

On the assembly line in the Sirris lab in Kortrijk, One Two, a company known for their Action Trackers, recently conducted a few experiments. The purpose of the experiments was to investigate whether the Action Tracker could be used to register or start certain actions on a production line of, for example, a manufacturing company.

Eearly August, a new operational standard has been published jointly by the ISO and the ASTM specifying the requirements for the qualification of operators of laser metal powder bed fusion machines and additive manufacturing equipment used in aerospace applications. This document is applicable if the operator qualification testing is required by a contract or by application standards.

'Shift security left' is a popular IT industry paradigm, most start-ups are eager to adopt in theory, but discover obstacles when applying it in practice. There are no common guidelines on how to start application security. Sirris now offers you a solution: 'the simplest 3-week plan for improving security posture'.

More and more companies are subjecting their products to quality tests in an independent test lab. And they’re quite right, for these three reasons.

Today, circular economy is omnipresent. For manufacturing companies, this overwhelming offer is often still lacking focus. A new tool helps these companies to make meaningful and feasible choices in the short term. This by making acquired knowledge, insights and tried-and-tested methods widely accessible.