Sirris meets with industrial partners to assess, free of charge, their needs and their innovation strategy via additive manufacturing.

A new European directive has considerably limited the use of disposable plastics, imposing other restrictions that may impact the design of these products. Sirris can help you!

JEC is an annual event hosted in Paris and offering professionals the opportunity to meet with the composites industry. Summary of the 2019 edition.

Looking beyond its hype in the financial world, blockchain is starting to prove its potential in other domains. Starting 29 April, Sirris is organising a series of masterclasses and individual coaching sessions on blockchain for manufacturing, from insight to plan.

After its success on the first edition for innovative ideas in additively manufactured products, the AMable project provides its services for SMEs and mid-caps within the European Union and launches a new call for experiments.

Since 6 February Belgium has ten new companies with a Factory of the Future title. Besides seven companies from technological industries, we also welcome three companies from the food and pharmaceutical sector in the list of Factory of the Future companies. Colruyt Group Fine Food, Janssen Pharmaceutica and Lavetan.

The number of appeals to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center is increasing, whether intellectual property disputes or cybersquatting complaints.

Signify is one of the last manufacturers of high-intensity discharge lamps, powerful lamps that are used, for example, in football stadiums or as a floodlight for buildings. To this end, it has its own production facilities, in which additive manufacturing plays an increasingly important role in the production of spare parts.

Much has changed in over a year at metal company Blozo in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands: a positive atmosphere in the workplace, employees who feel involved, faster and better processed orders. Previously the company dealt with plenty of overtime and temporary workers had to be employed, but now, thanks to QRM, a much higher output is being realised with the regular team and within normal working hours.

Sirris is taking part in an Interreg project on 3D printing for tissue reconstruction. The MAT(T)ISSE project will be launched officially at an evening event at the Lille CHU (University Hospital Centre) on 18 April.