Ten companies received a Factory of the Future award during the fifth edition of this event in Kortrijk. This award is granted by Sirris and Agoria to companies that best succeed in reconciling the technologies of the future with work tailored to people and the environment. One of the winners is BMT Aerospace, manufacturer of precision components.

The easier machine tools exchange and share information, the more efficient they are. Umati ('universal machine tool interface') is moving one step closer towards becoming a generally accepted standard. It is an open standard for machine tool users throughout the world. It serves to exploit new potentials for manufacturing of the future. The umati Joint Working Group has scheduled a series of meetings and web conferences.

Shorter product-to-market-times and higher expectations for sustainability, reliability and quality have ensured that product tests form an important link in the development process of products.

How do you (re)design products in composites made of fibre-reinforced plastic? This course, which takes place on 6 and 7 May 2019, focuses on making the right choice of materials, structural design, knowledge of the possible production processes and the way of assessing the manufactured product.

Valuable information on important intellectual property questions for companies.

On 6 February no less than ten new companies received a Factories of the Future Award and joined the select group of pioneers in Flanders who are holder of this certificate. Seven of them come from the technology industry: BMT Aerospace, Bosch, Duracell, Mirion Technologies, Niko Group, Materialise and Rf-Technologies. In other industries Colruyt Group Fine Food, Janssen Pharmaceutica and Lavetan received the award. Discover them now.

On 16 January the workshop on recycling composites from mixed waste streams of yachts and boats took place. During this interactive work session participants could share their experience on and expectations for recycling these vessels.

How will composite materials support the future of mobility and what can we learn from current trends and innovations? These were questions the Symposium 'Composites in Sustainable Mobility' in Ghent on 30 January aimed to give an answer to.

Sirris provides information in webcasts on subsidies for filing patents in the three Regions.

For 8 years the World Intellectual Property Organisation has been offering a tool for facilitating patent information searches related to environmentally friendly technologies.