The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has expanded its suite of online services with an online platform providing free access to comprehensive, unbiased, and structured reports on many patent databases. WIPO INSPIRE will help a range of stakeholders in searching the myriad of patent databases around the world.

In order to support their customers even better and to allow them to test the impact of different technologies on their end product, Spiromatic set up a test bakery and accompanying laboratory. This is where the bakery expert scientifically analysed the product and the production process which will allow them to give advice about required improvements. To this effect, the company recently developed a software tool for breadcrumb analysis.

Digital servitisation is a specific type of servitisation. Within this new revenue model, value is created thanks to the digital services that complement a physical product. Smart objects, the use of which is facilitated by associated services, are the most obvious examples. The concept can nevertheless be extended to a complete product proposed in the form of a service. Let’s take a look at the stakes involved in this new way of innovating.

The Fighting Icing project is translating the state-of-the-art knowledge and solutions to detect, prevent and mitigate icing problems in various applications to structured and concrete methodologies for implementation. During a webinar on 26 November you will be given an overview of icing risks in different sectors.

The ColRobFood project is aimed at flexible automation to strengthen the competitiveness of food companies. This is done through the development and validation of a number of proof-of-concept demonstrators, events and practical guidelines for the accelerated introduction of cobots in the food industry. The project ends at the end of November. An overview of what has been achieved in two years’ time.

The EluciDATA Tech Talks are yearly events focusing on one aspect of the industrial deployment of data innovation and AI. To highlight the importance of data security and data privacy to our EluciDATA Community members, this will form the focus topic of this year’s Tech Talk. The event will take place on 8 December 2020.

Products developed for operations in harsh environments can truly benefit from innovation in sustainable design and materials. On 22 October, Sirris organised a webinar focusing on different challenging situations where the right choice in material and design can make or break your product. You can find the presentations in this article.

In two webinars on 17 November 2020, Sirris and Granutools will give you new insight in powder handling for AM. We will go deeper into the use of compaction curves to detect a drift linked to contamination of aluminium powder by humidity.

'Umati', the new open standard aims at unifying communication for all machine tools. This will enable user companies to rely on less fragmented solutions and to considerably reduce the commissioning time of new machines. For a machine tool manufacturer, this offers a major and quite unique sales pitch.

Given the seriousness of the situation we too had to take a number of drastic decisions and measures to safeguard our employees' safety and health, while making sure we can maximally continue our activities and above all, continue to accompany you with the realisation of your innovation projects.