The Flemish government is again releasing € 3.5 million for ‘industry 4.0 living labs’. You can also take advantage of this! Network and Information Systems (NIS) security and cybersecurity are necessary for many existing and future services, from industry to government, although much remains to be done. This living lab deals with the practical application of the NIS directives for the security of industrial communication networks via AI.

The Flemish government is again releasing € 3.5 million for ‘industry 4.0 living labs’. Blockchain is proving to be a promising technology for providing validated, reliable and secure data. For the living lab ‘Security, Privacy and Trust by design with blockchain for industry 4.0’ we will look at a new business model within industry 4.0, in which there is both a high degree of interconnection and an inherent need for the exchange of valuable data. Are you with us?

Google has launched a new interface to access public data.

How to read a patent, especially the claims, and how to interpret them as an engineer and not as a lawyer or patent specialist.

Robots are slowly finding their place in society. Whereas robots are increasingly proving their worth in industry and also gradually establishing their suitability for other fields - for example in care settings - the social home robot has not made as much progress as you might have expected.

Choosing the right additive manufacturing technology is not so simple, but essential. That is why the Sirris Additive Manufacturing team wrote a new e-book on the topic. You can download it now!

There is so much you can achieve with coated and textured surfaces. They add value to products, making them more competitive. Through a series of cases based on the needs of different sectors, Sirris will give you an idea about their potential. This blog post will discuss the reflectivity of optical surfaces.

Come and discover on 19 September how the four Brussels incubators BLSI, EEBIC, Greenbizz and ICAB can take your start-up to the next level with their personalised advice, privileged access to public and private funding and their stimulating environment.

Sirris is actively involved in the organisation of the '4th Additive Manufacturing and Metallurgical Industry Symposium' which will take place on 25 October 2018 in Charleville-Mezière, France.

With the arrival of the KMR iiwa at our location in Diepenbeek, Sirris had a cobot with 'arms and legs’ for a short period of time. This allowed our experts to test and explore the potential of a mobile cobot, and we can now make this knowledge (as well as the cobot) available to companies.