Patrick Coomans

Privacy. Often not a popular concept in tech companies. Privacy is a synonym for the burden of data protection compliance. Privacy hinders system functionality, even conflicts with security requirements. Why care about privacy anyway? Privacy is dead, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

Thomas Vandenhaute

After four years, we are taking stock of what we and the participating companies have learned from the CE Connect learning networks. What does such a learning network stand for? What topics were covered? What insights did we gain, what lessons did we learn?

Peter ten Haaf

As a machining company, are you considering investing in a new CAM system? Then you'll certainly want to consider the following points of interest!

Joey Bosmans

Moisture build-up and condensation can cause damage on a variety of surfaces. Moisture and condensation testing can prevent damage from mould, defects or discoloration of parts. What tests are there and what do they entail? We highlight them here for you.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

Belgian wind energy companies today enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. They can count on the support from OWI-Lab, the innovation and knowledge platform with researchers and engineers from Sirris, VUB and UGent, founded 10 years ago now. The cross-fertilisation between the industry and the academic world turns out to be the key to the success of our Belgian companies.

Thomas Vandenhaute

After four years, we are taking stock of what we and the participating companies, both large companies and SMEs, have learned from the CE Connect learning networks. What is our approach? What is its value? And what did participation in our learning network mean for individual companies?

Joey Bosmans
Pieter Jan Jordaens

Icing is a major concern in many industries and can lead to standstills, safety hazards, product breakage or additional fuel or electricity costs. Active anti-icing systems, however, add to operating costs and are often only applied on crucial zones. The potential of coatings, either as stand-alone system or as an add-on solution, are not yet fully understood or evaluated. Sirris has the option to show the real potential of coatings in its large climate chamber icing test set-up.

Bart Verlinden

Customers and their products are changing rapidly, the manufacturing industry is adapting. To remain competitive, production systems must be increasingly agile and smart, with the operator taking on an increasingly important role. This calls for solutions that can reduce the physical and cognitive strain on operators, which is why Sirris set up a testing ground on operator support. The project is now coming to an end, a good opportunity to present the results!

Eddy Kunnen

In cooperation with the Swiss CERN, Sirris is evaluating the creation of cooling channels in silicon wafers by means of femtosecond (fs) laser ablation.

Jan Kempeneers

Metalworking company Malmar wanted to find out whether one of its products could be automatically post-processed. This was done to improve working conditions and increase the quality of the pieces. Tests clarified the feasibility.