Tips to boost your productivity

Sirris collects and publishes practical tips to help you boost productivity in the office and on the shop floor. The improvements discussed require little effort and pay off quickly. An overview of all the tips published on our blog.

In order to support Belgian companies with their productivity improvements, we collected a number of useful of tips that will be published on our blog at regular intervals. The various tips per section (with link) are listed below. If you want to know more about a specific tip, please refer to the relevant blog article.

Part 1:

Tip 1: Calculate your labour productivity
Tip 2: Invest in training
Tip 3: Use two screens
Tip 4: Eliminate pallet trucks
Tip 5: Do not launch production orders on the shop floor for which parts are still missing

Part 2:

Tip 6: Do not trust round numbers
Tip 7: Invest in cross-training
Tip 8: Provide correct and complete information right from the start
Tip 9: Use slewing cranes where possible
Tip 10: Reduce intermediate stocks on the shop floor

Part 3:

Tip 11: Use your ERP system on the shop floor as well
Tip 12: Measure the lead times at the office
Tip 13: Handle your packaging waste better
Tip 14: Work with warm transfers
Tip 15: Use andon

Part 4:

Tip 16: Take a multi-moment snapshot
Tip 17: Take a look in the waste containers
Tip 18: Avoid multitasking: organise a 'happy hour'
Tip 19: Organise your material deliveries
Tip 20: Use of translation sotware

Part 5:

Tip 21: Stop the annual stock count and start cycle counting
Tip 22: Overcome breaks
Tip 23: Let others do the work
Tip 24: Limit the number of projects per employee
Tip 25: Sort ferrous materials and double the income

Part 6:

Tip 26: Go for preventive maintenance
Tip 27: Optimise the dead movement in your machines
Tip 28: Only count small stock volumes
Tip 29: Keep your containers dry
Tip 30: Limit the number of transfers

Part 7:

Tip 31: Improve ergonomics, provide lifting and transport aids
Tip 32: Consider 3D printing of parts
Tip 33: Hold stand-up meetings
Tip 34: Reduce the changeover time

Part 8:

Tip 35: Start with Kaizen
Tip 36: Eliminate unnecessary procedures and forms
Tip 37: Use checklists
Tip 38: Provide plants in the workplace

Part 9:

Tip 39: Stop batch production
Tip 40: Make your workstations mobile
Tip 41: Save on energy consumption after hours
Tip 42: Consultation with the customer

Part 10:

Tip 43: Use your head first, not your wallet
Tip 44: Eliminate searching: give everything a place and put everything in its place
Tip 45: Improve welding specifications and avoid unnecessary welding
Tip 46: Limit the number of late customer changes

Part 11:

Tip 47: Optimise the design of milling parts
Tip 48: Improve the collaboration between the departments
Tip 49: Consider low-cost automation with karakuri
Tip 50: Make videos of your improvements

Part 12:

Tip 51: Come out of the meeting room, and check out the shop floor
Tip 52: Limit the variation in your product range
Tip 53: Consider an alternative production process
Tip 54: Use video instructions and QR codes

Part 13:

Tip 55: Make your plant visible
Tip 56: Move your feet
Tip 57: Work closely together with your supplier
Tip 58: Check out YouTube

Part 14:

Tip 59: Deal better with bottlenecks, let the intermediate supply control production
Tip 60: Sort out aluminium scrap better
Tip 61: Leave machines running unattended at night
Tip 62: Start with autonomous maintenance

Part 15:

Tip 63: Component kitting
Tip 64: Talk to your employees
Tip 65: Monitor the cycle time of machines
Tip 66: Reduce your waste costs, standardise your films!

Part 16:

Tip 67: Optimise machine cycle times
Tip 69: Use a water spider
Tip 68: Organise office cells
Tip 70: Improve air quality

Part 17:

Tip 71: Optimise your price setting
Tip 72: Improve the layout
Tip 73: Balance the work with bucket brigades
Tip 74: Set the temperature in the office to 21-22 °C

Part 18:

Tip 75: Avoid mistakes with poka yoke
Tip 76: Standardisation, also for non-repetitive environments
Tip 77: Start with 2 Second Lean
Tip 78: Form production cells

Part 19:

Tip 79: Produce the right numbers
Tip 80: A simple method for managing your residual stock
Tip 81 : Do not give a discount if there is pressure on prices, but offer something extra
Tip 82: Do NOT strive for perfection, use the 80/20 rule

Do you have any tips to share? Send them to us, so we can share them and become more productive together. The best tipster gets a nice gift!