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04 août 2022
Thomas Vandenhaute

From October 2022, a next cycle of the Agoria & Sirris Circular Economy Connect learning network will start. The goal is to exchange knowledge, experiences and good practices related to circular economy. The network of committed circular companies is evolving into a working group where we will zoom in on concrete business cases in detail through peer-to-peer learning. Interested and eager to be part of this exclusive group? Give us a call!

Any company in the technology sector, regardless of size or activity, can benefit from a circular approach. Yet, there are no ready-made answers for how you as a company can actually get started with circular economy. Our experience shows that companies can learn especially from each other's good and less good experiences. That's why Sirris and Agoria launched the Circular Economy Connect learning network back in 2016. The learning network is an exclusive community of and for technology companies that realise circular projects in a business context. The focus is on exchanging knowledge, experiences and good practices.

New format

We think that there is a need in companies to go a step further and evolve the network into a co-creative learning network. In this format, the emphasis is on deepening concrete circular business cases where concrete progress is made through peer-to-peer learning. We also want to work more from an ecosystem approach. For example, several circular projects or collaborations have been established through the learning network, which we wish to encourage further.

Some of the topics

We select the topics we cover based on the question and the specific business case. This includes covering the following topics:

  • Ecosystem approach and circular value chains
  • Measuring circularity
  • Financing circular business models
  • Organisational changes that facilitate circular strategies
  • Public procurement and the circular economy
  • Marketing of circular products and services
  • Upcoming legislation and regulations


Agoria and Sirris will organise no less than 8 sessions in total over a period of one year. Companies register for the full cycle but are free to choose which sessions they wish or can participate in.

We'll start the sixth cycle with a kick-off session guided by a peer-to-peer learning coach. The coach will provide practical solution-focused methods, which we will start working with immediately in the session. We will use these methods in the course of the follow-up sessions and you can also use them yourself within your organisation, between companies or with stakeholders.

The five planned sessions throughout the year will be organised at one of the companies in the network. Two cases per session can be covered. From this, you can take the next steps for your circular challenges through peer-to-peer learning. 

We are also planning two (shorter) online sessions in which we will have international experts speak and present business cases.

It's time for action!

The sixth cycle of the Agoria & Sirris Circular Economy Connect learning network runs from October 2022 to June 2023. The exact dates will be communicated in the further run-up to the sessions. The kick-off session will take place on 11 October and will last a full day. Companies in Flanders pay 720 euros, for companies outside Flanders it's 2,388 euros.

Interested and eager to be part of CE Connect's exclusive group of leading companies? Book your place now! How? Please contact us so that we can schedule an intake meeting to discuss your challenges and concrete expectations. The upscaling to a circular economy has begun. Make sure that one of the breakthroughs in the circular landscape is realised at your company.

This learning network is part of Industriepartnershap in which 17 Flemish innovation partners offer an integrated service to stimulate growth and innovation in the Flemish industry in the 3 following themes: Digitisation, Sustainability & Industry 4.0. They do so under the leadership of Agoria and Sirris and with the support of Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen.


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