First Factories of the Future ambassadors in Poland

Walter Auwers

Factory of the Future goes Europe. In the context of the European ADMA project, which builds on the successful Belgian approach to guide small and medium-sized prodution companies in the transformation of their organisation into futureproof factories, that are more efficient, more modern and more sustainable that their competition, eight companies in Poland have recently received a Polish 'Factory of the Future ambassador Award'.

The Made Different methodology, created by Sirris and Agoria back in 2012, together with a yearly Factory of the Future Award process has positioned itself strongly in Belgium. In 2018, the European Commission recognised that the Belgian approach had the potential to be adopted as a European standard. Therefore, under the leadership of Agoria and Sirris, the ADMA pilot project was started, covering 9 European countries. 

After successfully concluding the ADMA pilot in June 2021, a total of 7 Polish manufacturing companies received distinctions as part of the first Edition of the Factory of the Future Award initiative in Poland on 22 December.

The competition included the submission of applications describing good practices in the implementation of innovative solutions in the area of 7 Transformations in accordance with the Made Different and ADMA methodology. After a first evaluation process, a shortlist of 10 factories qualified for the next stage, a full-day audit using the ADMA method.

Special distinctions

Although the title of Factory of the Future has not yet been awarded this year, as part of the Competition, the Program Council (in which Agoria has been assigned a seat), based on the assessments and recommendations of experts, decided to award special distinctions to seven factories in which outstanding technological, process or organisational innovations were implemented, in line with the concept of the factory of the future.

T1 - Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: ABM Greiffenberger

T2 - Digital Factory: Schneider Electric Industries Polska

T4 - End-to-End Customer Focused Engineering: ELPLC and Pronar Wheels

T5 - Human-Centred Organisation: ABM Greiffenberger, Fideltronik and Beta-Point

T7 - Value Chain Oriented Open Factory: SaMASZ

On Agoria’s request, the Polish Future Industry Platform has agreed to host a benchmark visit to these awarded companies. The visit will take place from June, 21st till June, 23rd. If you’d like to join, please send an e-mail to

Curious about Factories of the Future in Belgium? In Belgium, too, a new edition of the Factory of the Future Awards will be hosted by Agoria and Sirris on 17 February. Follow it all during two exciting livestreams. 
Register here for the award ceremony for companies in Flanders or here for the award ceremony for companies in the French speaking regions

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