arctic climate military vehicle

Military vehicles tested under tropical and extremely cold conditions

17 June 2021
Pieter Jan Jordaens

Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG), a German company, manufactures tracked and wheeled military vehicles, including armoured tactical vehicles. For verification of required climatic capabilities FFG tested the ACSV G5 (Armoured Combat Support Vehicle), a brand new developed design. The ACSV G5 is a flexible support of armed forces on the battlefield with a wide range of mission capabilities through the use of different mission modules. The tested version was the cargo variant equipped with an additional loading crane.

Tropical heat and cold start-up test 

The vehicles must be thoroughly tested against military standards before sale. The vehicles must withstand extreme weather and operate in both very hot areas, such as deserts, and in extreme cold.

FFG contacted Sirris about the environmental tests due to the weight and size of these vehicles. Sirris performed various tests on the vehicles in the large climatic test chamber: not only at low temperatures (cold start-up tests), but also a high-humidity test where the vehicle is exposed to a relative humidity of 95%. This simulates the situation in the tropics, enabling the equipment performance to be validated. Sirris has recently invested in an air humidity feature to support their customers even better when testing large and heavy machines under extreme conditions worldwide.


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