Accumalux tests mechanical properties of thermoplastics

16 April 2021
Hilde Krikor
Francine Schoumaker

Accumalux is active in thermoplastic injection moulding, mainly for the battery market. Established in 1976, Accumalux is a Luxembourg company specialised in injection moulding solutions for the battery industry. Their expertise encompasses the concept and production of battery holders, the cover and all types of battery accessories as well as the development and construction of matrices for the automotive industry and the production of specific plastic parts.

Accumalux has production sites in Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Russia, enabling the company to optimally deliver their products to the main battery manufacturers worldwide. In order to meet customers’ expectations, the company prioritises continual improvement, innovation, the development of new solutions and the quality of their products. To meet market demand, Accumalux was one of the first suppliers in the automotive industry to attain IATF 16949:2016 certification.

Multiple quality tests

During operations, the company constantly monitors the quality of their base materials and and to research into new materials that guarantee technical specifications and competitiveness. Accumalux regularly calls upon Sirris to perform mechanical tests or validate thermoplastic materials. The campaigns cover a wide range of tests, including on tensile and flexural properties, impact strength, accelerated ageing, resistance to heat and chemical agents, annealing and more.

The materials the company uses or would like to use are subjected to these tests to validate the properties and technical specifications of the materials and to guarantee their conformity with the product safety data sheet (PSDS) and with both internal and customer requirements. The results of these tests help Accumalux to monitor the procedures and validate current and future raw materials, to guarantee their conformity with the company’s requirements.

(Image: Accumalux)


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