Becoming a member

Your advantages as a Sirris member

  1. Benefit from a discount on individual services – each time you call upon Sirris' services you will benefit from a 15% discount on service fees compared to non-members.
  2. Benefit from a discount on seminars – you will pay less to attend seminars organised by Sirris.
  3. Enjoy free access to Techniline ( where you will find an overview of recent articles about technology, trends, new developments, research results and business innovations written by in-house contributors or specialists from around the world.
  4. Benefit from a major discount when you join steering groups of major collective projects set up by Sirris. By taking part in a steering group, you can:
    1. Help to determine a project's direction
    2. Directly obtain first-hand information
    3. Gain access to a more extended network
  5. Benefit from a major discount on the membership of third-party organisations of which Sirris is a member of:
    1. The Belgian Institute for Welding Technology ( -  free membership
    2. The Electronics Design & Manufacturing (EDM) programme, a joint initiative of Imec and Sirris (
    3. The participation in BEC commissions is funded for 75% by Sirris/Agoria and for 25 %  by the company. (normal fee per domain can be up to 1780 EUR) 
  6. Free membership of the Elucidata community

Become a member

If your company is located in Belgium and you are active in the technology sector, then you are eligible to join Sirris and enjoy the multiple benefits of membership.

Your membership fee will depend on your sector and the size of your company. Please contact Bas Rottier, to calculate the amount of your fee.

Statutory membership

Sirris was founded by Agoria (formerly Fabrimetal) in 1949 as a recognised institute under the "De Groote Decree" of 30 January 1947. As a result, all companies in Belgium that fall under the joint committees of the metal sector (JC 111 for workers and JC 209 for administrative staff) and have 10 or more employees are obliged to join Sirris.

If your company has less than 10 employees or falls under another joint committee, it can become or remain a Sirris member on a voluntary basis and thereby enjoy the benefits of membership.

For more details, please see our articles of association: in French of in Dutch.

Simulate your yearly membership contribution

Number of employees (headcount = N) on the payroll of your company.
Forecast of your yearly contribution, based on the current number of your employees (N).


For all your questions on this forecast, you can contact Veerle Jansens, +32 491 61 95 21 or