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Anno 2022, great interest goes to neurotechnology and neuroscience. In both industry and academia, new applications are being discovered each day. NeuroTech Leuven’s MINDSEED on 27 April aims to educate non-experts on state-of-the art neurotechnology and neuroscience and connect its experts. Sirris will be there too!

Micro- and nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, new production technologies and big data have a major impact on all business sectors, perhaps most significantly in health and life sciences. In combination with ever-growing biological insights and discoveries, this leads to Innovations that can drastically change our healthcare. An event such as MINDSEED can make an important contribution, and Sirris too will do the same by supporting companies.

Accelerating your MedTech project

Sirris helps MedTech companies to develop their technical innovation. From idea to product, we can help you innovate in your specific market. Our team of experts, our dedicated infrastructure and test labs can help you achieve maximum impact with minimum lead time.

Within our Product Development Hub, Micro Products Lab offers broad competence and high-tech infrastructure for miniaturisation in product development. Our experts offer 4 main areas of technological expertise:

  • micromachining (eg. micromilling and wire EDM)
  • microreplication
  • microprinting
  • microscale metrology

The Micro Products Lab provides targeted assistance and is able to develop solutions in specific application areas, including:

  1. Healthcare engineering, including microfluidics and specialty tooling
  2. Manufacture and replication of small components
  3. Functionalisation of the surface
  4. Polymer optics
  5. Micromechanics
  6. Plastronics (integration of electronics in plastic products)

We can assist you at every step of your innovation. Read about it here.

Come and discover all this at our booth during NeuroTech Leuven MINDSEED on April 27 (18:30-23:00)!
Participation is free, but registration is required.

More information about NeuroTech Leuven MINDSEED and the possibility to participate can be found here.

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