YouniQ Machining introduces far-reaching automation for NC job preparation

YouniQ Machining is a Flemish startup based in Zonhoven, Limburg that specialises in making aluminium components. What is unique about this company is the fact that the entire process from quotation to NV programme is fully automated.

By adding their own software to the Siemens NX platform this young company managed to generate cutter paths automatically. A self-learning algorithm analyses an uploaded STEP file, recognises the vectors and defines the cutting operations and relevant tools based on this. This becomes a quotation that can be converted into an order after which the NC code is automatically generated and the 5-axis processing centres springs into action.

The product measurements entered in at the current start phase are still rather limited and the delivery times up to 15 working days are guaranteed. However, founders Wouter and Jo Nys envisage ‘Next Day Delivery’ in just over a year’s time and even a ‘24 hour service’ for emergencies.