Workshop on recycling composites in mixed waste streams from yachts and boats

Large volumes of composite material are soon to be disposed of, without established processing routes. While a range of technologies for recycling are available, these technologies are not yet embedded in a profitable value chain. The CompositeLoop project identifies business opportunities, informs about the current bottlenecks and proposes solutions for recycling large composite parts in the context of the whole value chain. Our workshop on 17 January focusses on the waste stream of yachts and boats.
In our first workshop in September 2018, we did an orientation on the issue with 45 people from different organisations and speakers from Neowa, Demacq and Sarens. The observation was made that there is a need for clarification of responsibilities for waste, decommissioning standardisation, organisation of the waste stream over the whole value chain, matching of waste volumes to production volumes and quality guarantee with a limited downcycling of material properties.
A second workshop will be held on 17 January to translate gained insights from the wind industry to the specific waste stream of yachts and boats. It will be an interactive work session where you can share your experience and expectations for recycling of yachts and boats. Read more about this workshop in our agenda!