Will an industrial robot be your new colleague?

On the 13th of June, you can come to our Kortrijk branch for an introduction to the newest addition to our infrastructure: an industrial robot, which will be able to work close to people, and an AGV. This presentation fits in the context of the official opening of the Factory for the Future Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics labs.

The infrastructure of the Sirris Smart and Digital Manufacturing Lab will be updated shortly: we are investing in a new industrial robot with a high payload (120 kg). This robot will be equipped to work safely in the vicinity of people, which is not yet the case today. By adding a number of smart techniques, technologies and options, we want to turn this large robot into a third hand to help manipulate heavy parts during production or assembly processes. In this way we want to turn a fully-equipped industrial robot into a cooperative robot and thus overcome the limitations of a contemporary cobot - its limited power and accuracy.

In addition, there will be an AGV (automated guided vehicle) that will act as an ‘assistant’: to install parts during production or assembly or as a mobile workbench.

These developments must bring about an interaction in which the production staff is supported, in an environment where there is a high variety of products and actions, as opposed to traditional installations where robots continuously perform the same task. And all this in an open, multifunctional production cell.

Official presentation

On 13 June, the labs in West Flanders dedicated to the Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics Factory for the Future will officially introduce themselves to you, including the Smart and Digital Manufacturing Lab. These labs together form a whole and offer an answer to the diverse challenges that production companies are facing today. They are specifically designed to make the high-end demonstration and testing infrastructure available to these companies.  Sirris, together with Prof. Dr. Johannes Cottyn, engineer at UGent Campus Kortrijk, and Steven Van Luchene of Howest will discuss in more detail how to tackle the challenges.

Come and discover the possibilities of our renewed infrastructure. Bring your concrete case and discover which applications you can try out in our lab, investigate which knowledge you want to build and what to invest in.

More info about this event is available here.

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