Why is the subscription model one of the most popular digital business models?

Digital companies use a number of business models, including the marketplace model and the advertisement model. In a meeting on 7 May we will figure out why the subscription model is one of the most used models. You will learn what this model involves and how it relates to other commonly used models.

The subscription model has been fully adopted among digital companies for years. Do you want to launch a digital start-up or do you already have a digital start-up or scale-up, a product or service and do you want to learn how to make a subscription model out of it? If so, let’s meet on 7 May.

Omar Mohout, famous expert in this domain, will present the subscription model to you and teach you how to apply it to your own product or service. He will also introduce a new tool built on the basis of the subscription model, which allows you to monitor the technology investments in Europe. This tool will give you insights in the hot topics of the technology industry.

Two companies who use the subscription model, d!nk and Smartlog, will drop by to explain how they went about it and what it has meant to them. Smartlog used to deliver 'traditional’ products and has now switched to a subscription model. d!nk went with the subscription model right from the start.

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