Why quality tests are already the standard for these companies

Although it is not (yet) always mandatory, more and more companies decide to subject their products to thorough quality tests in independent labs. And they’re quite right, for these three reasons you can read in this blog.

Our Sirris Test Labs have known for a long time how important testing is and what the positive effect of testing can be for companies, so it is time for us to see now how this is being experienced by companies via this national survey on quality testing. Help us to get to know your company's testing experience and need better by filling in our survey!

1. You comply with the standards

Standards are, in principle, voluntary and therefore have no binding character. Nevertheless, many organisations comply with them of their own accord in order to meet their customers’ quality and safety requirements.

Moreover, in more and more areas there are regulations that oblige companies to follow certain standards. In that case, you cannot ignore the standards and you must have certification in order to market your product.

Certified car battery parts

Accumalux develops plastic battery parts for, among others, the automotive sector. The Luxembourg company regularly calls on the Sirris test labs for mechanical testing and the validation of thermoplastic materials. The test results help Accumalux to maintain the quality and safety of their products.

Check out the Accumalux case

2. You will receive independent proof

An external lab, with more expertise in these specific tests, will often perform these tests (more) efficiently. In addition, the quality certificate from an independent body is a powerful signal, sometimes more powerful than an internal value judgement.

When choosing an external partner, check whether they have a certain accreditation or not. If they do, you can be sure that the lab has the required technical competencies to evaluate the quality of your product. This will definitely give your stakeholders and customers peace of mind. 

From quality testing to international certification

The Liège family business Buzon has been developing adjustable support systems for terraces for over 30 years. The ergonomic and durable pedestals consist of polymer that has been tested in Sirris' Testlabs. The independent tests help Buzon obtain international quality certificates (CE, ICC, BBA, etc.) for their products.

Check out the Buzon case

3. You limit the risks

You often spend months or even years developing a new product. It is therefore only logical that you also take the time to thoroughly examine the quality of your material. In this way, you avoid unexpected problems before or - even worse - after the launch of your product, resulting in potential financial and reputation damage.

How do you feel about quality testing?

In order to (even) better assist companies in terms of quality and testing, we want to tailor our offer and service as much as we can to your experiences and needs. You can also help us by taking part in our survey on quality testing . 

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What do the Sirris Test Labs do?

In addition to guidance in innovation projects, Sirris also offers companies the opportunity to use its test labs. With descriptive, destructive and non-destructive tests on plastics, metals and coatings, among others, we examine the quality of your materials and products. Our independent test labs are accredited by the Belgian accreditation body BELAC. So you can be sure of an expert opinion.

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