What to expect at the launch of our 4.0 Pilot Factory?

Industry 4.0 is the future, that much is clear. However, what this means in practice, is not so clear. Over the past months Sirris has been building its 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory to materialise the 'Industry 4.0' concept using nine digital building blocks. The time has finally come. We will reveal our 4.0 Made Real infrastructure on 7 November.

Your production line needs to be faster, more accurate and more flexible to respond to ever-changing demand. Industry 4.0 is presented as the solution you have been waiting for, but what does it actually do and how can you benefit from it? To show you this, Sirris built a 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory in which smart, digital solutions can be developed and demonstrated: integrated AM, a new data architecture to combine a wide range of data sources and use management programs simultaneously, eID, connected machines, transparent shop floor, integrated quality assurance, operator assisted manufacturing and novel manufacturing technologies such as laser texturing. 

After months of construction, we are ready to unveil our 4.0 Made Real infrastructure, both at our sites in Liège and in Hasselt. After all, several locations illustrate the reality of a digitised factory. You can follow the entire process digitally, from order to delivery.



In Liège, we focus on AM quality assurance, materials handling and parts quality control in practice and on the following digital building blocks: AM integrated demonstrator, eID gateway to certification, integrated quality assurance and novel manufacturing technologies, including AM as a base and laser texturing.


In Hasselt, it's about integrating and connecting production processes within a transparent production with an emphasis on the following digital building blocks: AM integrated demonstrator, novel data architecture, connected machines, transparent shop floor, operator assisted manufacturing, novel manufacturing technologies and machining 4.0, which means that sensors are added to the machines and their data flow is used to enable process optimisation.

On 7 November, you can take a tour of one or both sites to hear the full story.

Participate in this unique event? All the information is available here !