What could a mobile cobot do for your production?

With the arrival of the KMR iiwa at our location in Diepenbeek, Sirris had a cobot with 'arms and legs’ for a short period of time. This allowed our experts to test and explore the potential of a mobile cobot, and we can now make this knowledge (as well as the cobot) available to companies.

In future, production will require concepts that are intelligent, modular, versatile and mobile. Production processes change constantly. Therefore mobile robot systems must be able to adapt better when necessary. KMR (Kuka Mobile Robot) iiwa combines the strenghts of a sensitive, lightweight cobot - the LBR iiwa - with Kuka’s mobile, autonomous platform. It consists of the combination of a robot arm and an AGV (automated guided vehicle).

Potential analysed and tested

What is the mobile robot capable of in a production environment? We found out for you: ...
read more on Techniline (in Dutch or French).

You can see the results of our investigations into the opportunities presented by KMR iiwa in the following film clip.

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