What can the Sirris Product Development Hub do for you?

On 23 October Sirris will open its brand-new ‘Product Development Hub’ at its site in Liège. Come and see our high-tech infrastructure and find out what our new hub can do for you!

With this unique technological meeting point, which consists of six collaborative labs, we want to help companies even better and guide them in the design of light, miniaturised and smart products, so that they quickly have proof-of-concept and prototypes ready for industrialization.

The advanced infrastructure of the hub includes ultrasonic injection moulding, next-gen process monitoring systems for injection moulding applications, interactive cobot plastics & hybrids manufacturing, mixed reality for process assistance and assembly, micro 3D printing and micro assembly, smart monitoring for quality control of plastic multi-component systems, smart room, ... 

Interested? Discover the entire programme in our agenda and register for the official opening of our 'Product Development Hub’!

If you want to know more about the Hub, make sure to take a look at the web page.