What are the opportunities of participating in large industrial R&D projects?

Recently Sirris’s Data Innovation Team participated in two networking events organised in the framework of the upcoming ECSEL call 2018 to find partners and new project proposals relevant for its network of companies. The Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) is the public-private partnership for electronic components and systems, which financially supports research and innovation projects in this domain.

The objective of the ECSEL JU is to “keep Europe at the forefront of technology development”. Each year, the ECSEL JU launches a new call for proposals for research and innovation projects. However, do you really know the potential that this kind of projects might represent for you? In this blog post we will give you some leads.

Elements such as the administrative workload, the time between the project submission and approval or the success rate, often discourage companies and especially SMEs to participate in industrial R&D projects (such as for example the ECSEL program). In this blog post we will explain why participation in European R&D projects doesn’t need to be a burden, but, on the contrary, can lead to a number of new opportunities for your company.

Participation can lead to new customers, new markets, new partners, …

Large industrial R&D projects, like the ones funded within the ECSEL program, include a high number of partners (generally around 40 project partners) from different European countries. This represents opportunities for companies to work together on a given topic and to build up a trustful relationship in a formal framework, which can be the basis for future fruitful cooperation (for example in a supplier-customer relationship).

As a technology provider you might offer your solution/service to another industrial partner involved in the project in order to apply, test it or further extend it, for example in a new application domain you did not think of before. Consequently, this allows you to explore new markets and acquire new customers.

As a problem owner trying to find a solution for a particular use case, you have the opportunity to work in a collaborative manner on your specific challenges and learn from other project partners which methodologies and technologies they use in a similar setting (collaborative problem solving and evaluation of solutions offered by technology providers).

Interesting projects are everywhere

Large industrial R&D projects under the ECSEL program have a wide scope and encompass several application domains: transport and smart mobility, health and well-being, energy, digital industry and digital life and is open towards the technologies to be used.

As a problem owner (use case provider) you will certainly recognise yourself in one of the application domains mentioned above. As a technology provider, this offers you the possibility to apply your innovative technology in various application domains.

Therefore, you can easily find a project that is of interest to you and which addresses your objectives and challenges, which brings you together with the relevant partners and technology providers, which allows you to learn from other best practices, etc.

Sirris is currently involved in project proposals centred around:

  • Digital industry (Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance, maintenance optimisation…)
  • Energy (Smart grid/consumption optimisation)

Are you interested in one of these topics? Would you like to explore cooperation possibilities in the framework of one of these large industrial projects? Get in touch with us, so we can explore the opportunities for your company together.

We can support you with:

  • The general coordination of the proposal preparation
  • The definition of your company-specific innovation goals
  • The specification of your use case
  • The study and summarising of the state-of-the-art
  • The elaboration of your work plan
  • The definition of your budget and effort planning
  • ...