Webinar on AI for Prognostic Health Management of Industrial Machinery

On 22 June, Sirris, Flanders Make and imec organise a webinar on how AI can enhance smart maintenance and Prognostic Health Management for industrial assets.

To address the increasing demand in functionality and performance, the design of industrial assets is continuously evolving towards more complex systems, often featuring multiple interacting subsystems and components. These assets are often operating in complex industrial environments, influenced by a variety of different factors (e.g., environmental conditions) in interaction with a human end user (e.g. the operator).

Due to the stringent requirements on system reliability in which system failures can have serious consequences, usage monitoring is a fundamental aspect to assess the on-going health of industrial machinery. This is often denoted as 'Prognostics and Health Management' (PHM), which links studies of failure mechanisms to system lifecycle management. The need for a more real-time and dynamic health assessment, and the increasing availability of sensor data for monitoring different aspects of the system behaviour have stimulated research into data-driven PHM techniques.

In this webinar, we will discuss the recent advances in this domain, as well as its implications to enhance the maintenance operations for industrial assets, resulting from the insights gained in the context of the Flanders AI Research Program. The Flanders AI Research Program focuses on leading-edge AI research and pioneering proofs-of-concepts for healthcare, Industry 4.0, governments and their citizens.

The webinar will take place in English and participation is free of charge. Interested? Check the programme and subscribe here!