Webinar about setting up a life-cycle profile for electronic products

Do you sometimes, as a manufacturer, encounter problems with premature product failure, and are the integrated electronics usually the problem? Would you like to find out more about the cause of such failures? A number of webinars have been arranged within the InProVol project for providing companies with information and the next one is about life-cycle profiling for electronic products.

In 2015 Sirris joined the InProVol (INtelligente PROducten met VOorspelbare Levensduur) project. This project is a collaboration between cEDM-imec, KU Leuven and Sirris. The project is aimed at obtaining a structured and properly thought-out development phase for electronic products. It includes a methodology that helps manufacturers verify the lifespan of the electronics. Products with integrated electronics can now be more reliable, which of course provides a competitive advantage.

Find out more via webinars and webcasts 

Various free webinars have been created for informing companies participating in the project, eight of which have already taken place. The next one, 'life-cycle profiles for electronic products' (Mission profiles of Electronic Products), presented by Sirris - is scheduled for 21 June, at 10:00.

Product reliability is becoming more and more important in view of the increasing complexity of products. In order to design a reliable product it is essential to know the effective stresses that it will undergo during its life-cycle. The life-cycle profile describes the various stresses over the entire product life-cycle and how they vary over time. The 'Life-cycle profile guideline' provides a step-by-step guide for identifying all the relevant phases throughout the entire product life-cycle of a physical system under differing circumstances and varying stresses. The aim is to offer a methodology for product designers in their quest for reliable products. 

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The project was made possible with support from VLAIO.