Webcast : OPRI's patent information tools

The Belgian Office for Intellectual Property (OPRI) presents its publishing tools for invention patents: eRegister, Espacenet-BE, Federated register.

The e-Register provides data throughout the Belgian patent delivery procedure:

  • on ownership: names and contact details of the owners of the patent and the patent licensors
  • on protection: the scope of protection granted by the patent is defined by the claims and the description given in the publication documents
  • on the patent's legal status (in force, lapsed, expired, revoked, etc.)
  • on scientific/technological aspects: detailed description of the production and use of a new technological process/product present in the publication documents

Espacenet-BE provides information on:

  • the scope of protection granted by the patent, which is determined by the claims and the description of the invention given in the publication documents
  • the scientific background, the technological production and application of a new process or product which are described in the patent publication documents
  • the next innovations in different technological sectors and with competitors

The Federated Register

  • The European Patent Office (EPO) has a Register where European patents are published. Thanks to the Federated Register tool, this register quickly lets you see the status of a European patent in each of the Member States of the EPO named in the patent and which participate in the Federated Register (including Belgium).

Watch the webcast (in French) :

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