Webcast : The intellectual property of students and trainees

What are the provisions to be made when a company has students or trainees who participate in innovative projects generating intellectual property with added value?

When students or trainees in a company participate in or are at the origin of innovative developments, who is the owner of the intellectual rights for the invention or creation?

The ownership of the rights and their transfer depend on the type of innovation in question (IT program, intellectual creation, technical invention, etc.) and the type of contract between the company, student and/or the supervisory parties: student labour agreement, internship contract, professional immersion agreement, etc.

In all cases, the employer - university/school - student/trainees should provide both general provisions on the confidentiality of company secrets and provisions on the ownership and conditions of transfer of intellectual property for the inventions/creations of the students.

Bert Spreuwers, lawyer at Agoria, highlights the important points of this issue. (in French)


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