Wat Slim - Value creation with Smart technology in existing products

Why would I add smart connected technology to my product? What is so different about a smart connected product and how do I go about the development? Product builders who want to make the move have many questions...

That is why Sirris and Agoria have launched the Wat Slim project to help builders of physical products find their way around the world of smart connected products.

How do we inform companies about the possibilities?

  • In broad information sessions on the topic of smart connected products: why, what and how? An example.
  • With thematic workshops on the key aspects of smart connected products: developing digital services, exploiting product usage data, connecting products from sensor to cloud. An example.
  • Through publications on cases, testimonials, methodologies and technologies.
  • Through individual guidance to identify the missing steps towards implementation.
  • With a guide, available at the end of the project, about how to start with smart connected products. Would you like to receive this guide?  Click here!

Questions about this project or interest in a workshop or individual coaching? Contact Pieter Beyl.

Why is smart connected technology important for my future products?

The world already has more connected products than people and this in a wide range of applications, from smart city to smart manufacturing. Continuous evolutions in low-power electronics, wireless connectivity and cloud software mean that applications such as adding sensors and intelligence to a product and exchanging data with the cloud are increasingly within the reach of SMEs. With digital technology, you can add more than just smart functionalities to a product. You can also use the usage data of your products to guide and improve your product development. By linking digitally supported services to your product, you can value new business opportunities.

Find your way to smart connected products with Wat Slim

Dealing with these many new possibilities and new technologies in a rapidly evolving world is a challenge for many product builders. Sirris and Agoria support companies through collective sessions and individual guidance to remove obstacles to implementation. At the end of the project, the tips & tricks will be brought together in a guide. Would you like to receive this guide?